All Things Austen — A Letter from Jane to Cassandra (25 April 1811) — 27 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this letter. I am truly amazed at all of the activities Jane writes about. It’s hard to imagine how full her social calendar must have been and how she managed to find time to write.

  2. I totally agree with Laura. She must have been totally dedicated to manage to write and publish her novels. Thank goodness she was. Thanks again for sharing Leslie.

    • She probably was, but we all have personal lives and commitments. She just had to learn to juggle like the rest of us. Thanks, Glynis!

      • So true Leslie. I am in awe of all you authors who cope with family life and still write such great books. Obviously my great tribute to you all is to spend every spare minute reading as many of the P&P variations as I can (and some of them many many times.)

  3. Thanks to Janes Austen’s dedication to write, we are all able to enjoy her novels. Thank you for sharing Cassandra’s letters.

    • I loved that the quote about S&S was in one of the April letters. It’s so nice to get that glimpse into her feelings for her stories. Thanks, Eva!

  4. Yes, taking leave of tea, especially at night,, is a good idea as the caffeine keeps we awake as well! They certainly consumed alot!

    • Water was the biggest cause of childhood death so tea and alcohol were the most common beverages as coffee and chocolate were expensive. Thanks, Carole!

  5. This is my favorite line: “I give you joy of our new nephew, and hope if he ever comes to be hanged it will not be till we are too old to care about it.” Such happy thoughts for the birth of a new baby!

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