Jane Austen’s Advent – Day 4 – Pride, Prejudice, & Snow — 42 Comments

  1. What on earth did poor Will do in high school? Obviously Lizzy is determined not to forget it!
    How she could resist his obvious flirting and his kiss I have no idea. Hopefully she will see sense in next week’s episode.
    I can’t wait!
    (Luckily I’ve just started reading C&C so that should keep me occupied. Thanks Abigail)

      • Loved C&C Abigail. Thank you so much. I couldn’t put it down except for when I had to take my glasses off to dry my eyes. 😥😢 but I will definitely be reading it again. I have left a five star review on Amazon UK. I apologise for the fact that I write very short reviews but I find it hard otherwise to not give spoilers and I don’t like reading those myself. 😍

  2. Really enjoyed this modern tale. Thank you Abigail.
    I love to eat home made spice biscuits at Christmas. Being from United Kingdom never eaten a peanut butter blossom cookie. So maybe we need a recipe exchange.
    Look forward to the next section of the tale. My guess is Wickham was with Miss Darcy and that is what delayed Will Darcy. What does Wickham do next? Maybe gives faulty advice to buying a house or shares or something that deals a blow to Elizabeth and her family. Running off with Lydia would obviously also have to be included and Darcy could track them down to a Christmas homeless centre.
    Also I did not get cow joke either?!!
    Sorry an ignorant British citizen

    • So glad you liked it! I just added a link to a peanut butter blossom recipe. The cowboy joke is simply Elizabeth responding to Charlie’s putting on a cowboy voice by pretending he has cows. Your Christmas homeless centre is an inspired guess, as you’ll find out next week!

      • Ann i would love to try you spice biscuits they sound very yummy. I can find them online or do you have a recipe for them. The cookies that are in here are so delicious. I made them over the weekend. You are definitely going to have to try them.

      • Thank you Abigail for the recipe and for explanations. Look forward to reading next parts of the story.
        Spice biscuits here is my English recipe
        150 grams of margarine
        200 grams Flour
        50 grams golden syrup
        200 grams sugar
        1 egg beaten well
        Powdered Cinnamon
        Mixed spice
        Ginger – all the spices put in about 1 teaspoon of each to taste spicy
        Mix the margarine and sugar together, Add the flour and spice and syrup. Then add the beaten egg.
        Mix all the ingredients together to form a soft dough
        Take walnut size pieces and place on a tray lined with grease proof paper or with baking parchment. Flatten each biscuit with a fork
        Bake at 375 degrees fahrenheit for 10 12 minutes
        Cool on a wire tray and enjoy eating
        This makes about 40 biscuits so plenty for everyone

  3. I will have to make peanut butter blossoms. Sounded lovely although I have never heard of them before… Sarah Bernard is my must have for Christmas.
    Thanks for making me snicker and chuckle, Elizabeth really has a horn I Darcy’s side. Wonder if in next week’s episode, she will draw some blood… 😉

  4. Very nice!!! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. So Lizzy teaches self=defense, hmmm. I bet she will have some moves for Darcy! 😉

  5. Didn’t read it – I hope to resist the temptation during the next days, too. Am waiting impatiently for the complete book (Elizabeth, Darcy and snow gave an extremely charming mixture already before, dear Abigail, and I don’t doubt your ability to give us another top quality winter story of our love birds alone or not alone…).

  6. I love it. Poor Darcy. He can’t seem to do anything right. Please keep writing it. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  7. I absolutely loved it. Finish it and it will be a great novel. I like the part of adding Maggie to the story and about the tradition of a kiss under the mistletoe. I believe Darcy came home because of Georgiana and a possible problem involving Wickham.
    Keep the mystery of Darcy and Elizabeth’s banter and how they wind up together with complications involving the Bennets!

    • So glad you loved it, MaryAnn! And you’re right that Darcy came home because of Georgiana. This is going to stay a short story, though. Unfortunately moderns don’t sell well, and I have to pay bills. Otherwise I’d love to expand it.

  8. Love your Woods Hole books so I’m really liking this modernization of Elizabeth and Darcy with Jane and Bingley married! I can’t begin to imagine what Darcy was like in high school but wondering if someone had spread lies back then about him? Looking forward to the next installment!

    • Thanks, Carole! You’re on the right track. Part of the inspiration for this story was thinking how P&P would change if it was a woman who lied to Elizabeth about Darcy rather than Wickham. Since I’ve run into my share of mean girls, it seems very possible to me!

      • Im liking where this is going. I cant wait to read more. Girls are so mean. So im betting that it was her best friend then. Who went out with the handsome Will Darcy. I really cant wait.

  9. O m gosh. Im so into it. Juat like all your other books. I think it’s well worth it to finish. I totally want to kbow whats going to happen next. I cant ever put your books down. You are such an amazing writer. Thank you fpr sharing cant wait to read more. Those cookies are my favorite too.

  10. Don’t know what Darcy did in high school, but Lizzy needs to grow-up at some point and get beyond the dramas of high school. Life goes on and people change. Look forward to the next chapter. What do I think Wickham’s treachery is involved with the cancelled trip to Japan.

  11. Yes please finish!! And definitely give the backstory of why Lizzy is still so angry at Darcy. Can’t wait to read part 2 next week!

  12. Can’t wait to find out what exactly Darcy did in high school! Whatever it was I can’t believe that it was worthy of being beaten to a bloody pulp.

    When I make Xmas cookies, which I try not to do very often so I’m not tempted to eat them all, it’s usually chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and Viennese crescents. ( if anyone’s interested.) Altho’ before I stopped eating eggs I much preferred sufganiyot.

  13. Love it, Abigail!! It does remind me a bit of the Woods Hole stories. I hope that you’ll keep it going.

    I love iced sugar cookies and what we in Southern California call “Mexican Wedding” cookies: a round almond cookie with crushed almonds inside, rolled in powdered sugar. Delish!!

    Thanks for a lovely story–I can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Susanne 🙂

    • Thanks, Susanne! The scene I’d like to write someday would tie it in a bit with the Woods Hole stories. As you might have gathered from her cookie-decorating skills, Elizabeth is an artist on the side, and all artists need a gallery to show their art, of course. 😉

  14. An Abigail Reynolds story…more, PLEASE!

    I love Peanut Butter Blossoms but we also have a very moist pumpkin cookie which my family loves…one of those recipes you find on a box back or on a can or in a magazine.

    Do tell…what happened between these two and she has been holding against him all these years? Seems like he has either forgiven or forgotten or is it as in canon that he doesn’t realize how others perceive him…no, here he definitely knows Elizabeth has grudge against him.

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh my, that was wonderful, sweet, and what a cliff hanger… Yes I know you mentioned no cliff hangers but that still left me wanting more. So, YES!, please finish it.

    Golly this took me back. The gingerbread men decorating, (I won over my Mr Darcy’s heart with a decorated gingerbread man, seriously!!! His was the only one I took to work for the crew that had a frowny face rather than a smile.) We became a cookie team later, during those years a plate of cookies was all we could afford as gifts to friends and neighbors. Back when my hands let me do that. :/ And I do so fondly remember peanut butter blossoms. I love the tie-in to the ‘kiss’ in the story. So cute.

    It also brought such lovely memories of living in the Northeast for twenty years, visiting the Cape, visiting the coast including Falmouth. Ahhhh, how we adored those woderful old houses. Now on to the next installment!!

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