Jane Austen’s Advent – Day 2 – A Tour of Chiswick House — 13 Comments

  1. Incredible! The house is so large. I can’t imagine living there or being a servant for that matter and finding my way around. Favorite room? Hard to pick one, but I liked the little display by the kitchen. Does that mean I was meant to be a scullery maid in another life? I was trying to figure out where the music room might be, but there were too many choices. Great realization.

    • It really is great! I was thrilled to find this walkthrough when I was hunting for Advent Calendar treats because it gives such a good sense of this kind of house to our readers who haven’t had the opportunity to see one in person. Although a separate music room is something of a JAFF tradition, many (maybe most?) stately homes didn’t have one. Usually there would be a pianoforte and/or harp in one of the large drawing rooms, probably the Red or Green Velvet Room in this case. Thanks for checking it out!

    • I’d never run across Chiswick House before, either. I only discovered it because I was combing the internet for a virtual tour to share as part of the Advent Calendar. I wish more stately homes would do tours like this for the people who don’t have the opportunity to travel, but maybe they think it would cut down on their visitors. I love the blue room, too. Wouldn’t it be fun to write there?

  2. A virtual tour! Wonderful! I must say that I don’t think I would like to live there though, there were too many corridors and doorways for me. Even with all the fireplaces I would imagine it would be impossible to keep warm and I would need a Sat nav to find my way around. Great post thank you.

  3. Wow, what a trip! Cannot imagine living in a place like this. Just to be the lady of the house would be something. Just the staff to keep it running and clean would be a nightmare.

  4. Thank you for the experience to travel to England via the computer on a tour. I loved it all and especially the blue room. I also liked viewing all the casks down below with a am assuming was their wine storing. I also went through the souvenir shop and saw that they also sold wine along many other things. I can’t believe so many private collectors loaned their art work for viewing. that is remarkable for others to view.
    I couldn’t imagine cleaning such a place let alone being the mistress of it all!

  5. I really enjoyed that! Thanks for that treat today! I would have to say the study with the blue wallpaper was quite interesting. The ceilings were gorgeous! I would have to agree with Monica, I loved the entry/balcony with the colonnades!

  6. We did not have central heat in our house until I was in about 4th grade. We had an electric heater in the bathroom and a fireplace. We used to pile clothes on the bed at night and since I slept with my sister we shared body heat. My brother slept alone. So YES it was cold unless you stood next to the fireplace and rotated your body to warm all sides.

    Lovely tour…although my internet quit working early in the tour so I now have to go back to see if the problem was corrected. I cannot imagine living in such a huge structure…can’t even call it a home. It is like camping out in a museum from my POV. I would love a guide to tell me about the paintings and any significant furniture, i.e., Queen Elizabeth slept here.

    Thanks for all your research and for sharing.

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