Jane Austen’s Advent – Day 14 – A Most Respectable Elopement – Chapter Seventeen — 6 Comments

  1. Hmmm! One minute Wickham claims to be so injured that he can’t get up after going on one knee and the next minute he is hopping nimbly to his feet! Are his injuries as bad as he says?
    How can he promise her a home when he has no money? He had a good education so should use it to find a respectable job, especially now he seems to have abandoned his military career.

  2. Wickham is a piece of work. He is one that I am always surprised at his audacity and am just as surprised at the youthful gullibility of our Lydia. I loved the puzzles. I’ve never worked a puzzle like that before. That was fun. My hand will have to get used to making the moves with a mouse but… it was diverting. Thanks.

  3. Miss Lydia knows what she has gotten herself into “You are a scoundrel, you know,” she informed him affectionately, “but so long as you are my scoundrel, all is well.” I truly believe she would up leave him, if he played her false! Now to try out the puzzles! Merry Christmas!

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