Jane Austen’s Advent – Day 1 (And a DOUBLE book launch) — 47 Comments

  1. I’ll have to watch the video later as it won’t play on my antique phone! Loved the excerpt although I’m not sure how Aunt Gardiner is going to explain wearing a sari in a letter ( maybe she will include sketches?) Such a shame having to cope with Lady Catherine at Christmas 🎅. I look forward to reading these.

    • Just watched the video and I remember watching this series with Sarah Beeney when it was on TV. I loved it. Thanks for this excerpt, alas I won’t be eating any of those this Christmas 😉

  2. Loved the excerpt, and the video was fascinating. It was so entertains and fun to watch. I love mince pies, but the rest I could do without! Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway. I can’t wait to read those books. Lady Catherine showing up generally means trouble. I am going to buy From Admiration To Love, because I want to know what she’s up to this time! Thanks Maria. I just finished shopping for the family, so I should buy one for me.

  3. So much has happened to our favorite couple. I see they are happily settled at Pemberly and all is running so smoothly until Lady Catherine arrives. I am surprised that Elizabeth is allowed to visit with Anne. Thank you for the excerpt and giveaway.

  4. Did Lady Catherine travel overnight to arrive at Pemberley in the morning – I dislike all the traditional foods associated with Christmas and it would seem also in Georgian times (my pick would be From Admiration to Love)

  5. the Georgian food excerpt was fascinating. It must have taken a very strong stomach to work in the kitchens. The pigs head was probably the most disgusting but there were quite a few in the running.
    I love Christmas stories and is is always a treat to see D&E happy. What lays in store with Lady C?
    Thank you all. I can’t imagine how long it took to put this marvelous treat together for us!

  6. Excellent excerpt. I can hardly wait to read more of this story. Lady Catherine is difficult to deal with at normal times, but showing up during the holidays has to be a catastrophe waiting to happen. Yikes!

  7. Such an interesting video on Georgian food. I am now craving mince pie. In my youth, my maternal grandmother did put meat in her ‘mincemeat’ pie, but I preferí it without. We still revere the ‘plum pudding’ recipe from my paternal grandmother, bit it is so difficult to find suet that it is a once a decade treat now.
    I have a feeling Elizabeth will have a special gift for Darcy in the months to come. Can’t wait to read the rest.

  8. Love this story, want te read the rest. P&P variations and everything Christmas are wonderful. And the video with not so delicious Christmas food is very interesting. I had not seen this episode of the serie. So thank you!

  9. Oh how exciting!!!! Elizabeth and Darcy are married, happily and now the dark evil Aunt Catherine has come to spread her dark wings of dislike over Pemberly! Will our beloved couple be able to shield themselves from the darkness? Will Miss deBourgh be able to finally escape the talons of her mother? Stay tuned

  10. Oh my goodness! I cringed when the pig’s head showed up and then to learn they eat it?!!!! Well, thank you, but I think I will pass on that! As for the excerpt, I loved it! Oh the sari sounded beautiful…a perfect gift!

  11. Lovely excerpt! Darcy and Elizabeth at Christmas is a special treat… Darcy relishing his Chelsea buns and delaying the confrontation to eat them was so cute!
    I shall have to watch the video later as I am on my phone. I look forward to it and the whole story! Thank you for this Advent surprise!

  12. What a great beginning!! I just got Christmas1811 and From Admiration to Love on my Kindle and am now reading 1811. I knew about boxes for staff and tenants but was surprised that tradesmen were included. I can understand a gift for a small Cheesemonger but there must come a point when a tradesman becomes to successful to receive a box. How did peopledecide?

    The food was interesting and sometimes horrifying. You refer in 1811 to the Bennetts making mince pies out of the leftovers from Christmas. How could that work?

  13. The pigs head, we still make that for Christmas in Norway. It’s actually lovely on bread with mustard…
    Poor Darcy’s though, who wants Lady Catherine with their Christmas pudding 😉

  14. Chelsea buns! Love them (we still eat them in Canada) and love the start of this story. I have a feeling Anne is in trouble with Lady C since they are in two different rooms.

  15. Hmm, Lady C has to be up to no good, Anne, not sure yet. Nice start to the story. The video was very interesting, and informative. What show was that taken from?

  16. So that was their Christmas food. Thanks for the “excerpt” Enjoyed very much this Chapter and looking forward to the others . Can’t wait to hear what bee is in Lady Catherine’s bonnet this time.

  17. You can keep your traditional Georgian Christmas feast and I’ll be happy with my American Prime Rib and pecan pie.

    Loved the start here. Saved up these to read some together. Think Elizabeth is pregnant? With being tired? That would be a lovely “gift” to tell him of on Christmas Day. Thank you for this story excerpt.

  18. What are the two doing…showing up uninvited at the Darcys and each wanting to speak to one or the other Darcy? Can’t imagine in this season of good will to men.

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