Amy D’Orazio is a former breast cancer researcher and current stay at home mom who is addicted to Austen and Starbucks in about equal measures. While she adores Mr. Darcy, she is married to Mr. Bingley and their Pemberley is in Pittsburgh PA.

She has two daughters who are devoted to sports which require long practices and began writing her own stories as a way to pass the time she spent sitting in the lobbies of various gyms and studios. She is a firm believer that all stories should have long looks, stolen kisses and happily ever afters. Like her favorite heroine, she dearly loves a laugh and considers herself an excellent walker.



Amy’s novels ~

The Best Part of Love

Elizabeth Bennet may capture Mr. Darcy’s heart, but what is the truth of her past?

When Fitzwilliam Darcy meets Miss Elizabeth Bennet, a simple country girl from a humble estate, he has no idea that she—and indeed, the entire town of Meryton—harbors a secret. Before she meets Darcy, Elizabeth has spent two years hiding from the men who killed her beloved first husband. Feeling herself destroyed by love, Elizabeth has no intention of loving again, and certainly not the haughty man who can do nothing but offend her in Hertfordshire.

In time, Elizabeth surprises herself by finding in Darcy a friend; even greater is her surprise to find herself gradually coming to love him and even accepting an offer of marriage from him. As the newlyweds are just beginning to settle into their happily-ever-after, a condemned man on his way to the gallows divulges a shattering truth, a secret that contradicts everything Elizabeth thought she knew about the tragic circumstances of her first marriage. Against the advice of everyone who loves her—including Darcy—Elizabeth begins to ask questions. But the truth could destroy them both.


Coming soon! A Short Period of Exquisite Felicity

It was late summer 1812 when Fitzwilliam Darcy became engaged to Miss Elizabeth Bennet in Lambton. He believed then that nothing would ever diminish his happiness, believing fully that he loved and was loved in return. Alas his happiness was short-lived for only a few days after her departure from Pemberley Darcy received a letter from Elizabeth informing him she could not marry him. No explanation was given, though none could have been sufficient. 

In October 1813, having spent months at Pemberley stewing in disbelief and anger, Charles Bingley invites Darcy to come to Netherfield. Bingley, now the husband of the former Miss Jane Bennet, have decided to leave Netherfield Park but will first hold one last gathering of friends there. Mr. and Mrs. Bingley insist that Darcy join them. Darcy is first tempted to refuse, but decides to go with the understanding that Elizabeth will not be there. 

Darcy is already there when a letter arrives from Elizabeth telling them of her intention to come.  He resolves to meet her with indifference, to disallow himself to express his pain and anger he feels towards her. He is determined that he will not demand answers to the questions which have plagued him for so long.

Elizabeth Bennet arrives at Netherfield reluctantly, knowing Darcy must hate her and feeling she is deserving of his spite. She is resolved to remain silent, to hold fast to the secret behind why she did what she did in late summer 1812. She has no expectation of Darcy’s forgiveness and no expectation of a rapprochement between them. Elizabeth’s dearest wish is to live a quiet life with her sister’s family. 

Once they are together, however, it proves difficult to deny the deep emotion still between them. Anger, sorrow, and deep and abiding love prove to be a combustible mixture but will the secrets between them prove their undoing?