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  1. Loved you series. It reminded me of when I was in Junior High and we actually had 7 weeks of folk dancing which the boys hated and the girls loved. It was so fun. How nice your husband and son went. I would really have to twist Greg’s arm to get him to go, not to mention the lessons. Great fun! Jen Red

    • I remember that unit in Junior High! LOL. I have been surprised at how much my son and husband enjoy it. My eldest and his wife have started going with us as well and it is delightful! Thanks, Jen!

  2. Lovely post!! I really enjoyed the “characters” you danced with–such fun little sketches of their personalities! 🙂 And the dances look like so much fun!! 😀

    Have a lovely day!

    Susanne 🙂

  3. Great post! Thank you for sharing. I really wonder if I’d ever be able to keep up with this kind of dancing – definitely requires some coordination, looks like! It’s great that there’s an interest in teaching this to people today so that we can appreciate the lovely music and the movements. But getting judgmental about doing it right seems a little too much!

    • Kathy, I’ve been surprised that I can actually manage this sort of dancing at all. I have no sense of rhythm and two left feet, so dancing has usually been out of the question for me. I am far from elegant, but I can manage to keep up.

      It is funny, the ball we were at at Jane Austen Regency week hosted he same sorts of characters than I mention in the post. The Bingley sisters were there too! Some people just take this all very seriously. But most people are there just to have fun! thanks!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing the regency ball series. The array of characters amaze me. It almost sounds like you meetany of Jane’s characters at these events, especially the Bingley sisters. I have 2 left feet and literally trip myself. The video certainly looks like fun. I live that the folks are laughing at their own mistakes. Looking forward to the next part of this series.

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