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  1. Although we’re very sad about losing Austen Authors, Theo Darcy is alive and well and living at Austen Variations! Or should I say he’s well apart from a sprained ankle? The Darcy Brothers will be posted here every Wednesday just like at Austen Authors. The first 14 chapters are already posted here.

  2. Dreadfully sad to hear about the end of Austen Authors, it’s like the end of an era, but it’s great to hear it’s not disappearing without a trace and that Austen Variations is being born! Also, thanks for letting us know that Theo is alive and well and will come back to us on Wednesdays – fabulous news, thanks Abigail!!!!

  3. Saddened to see the demise of Austen authors. It feels like lodging a dear friend.

    I am excited for this new site, so I thank the powers ( authors) that be that created it .

    So glad to see that the story of the Darcy brothers will continue to unfold.

    My best wishes to the old and to the new . I am curious to see this new creation

    A seed planted .

  4. Thank goodness! I couldn’t have been more surprised and disappointed to see Austen Authors close up shop. Looking forward to keeping up with the new site.

  5. I discovered this site quite by accident after reading, sadly, about the disbanding of AustenAuthors. Very sad to see AuAu go, but I also know that many good things must come to an end. I am thrilled that a number of authors are creating Austen Variations, and I look forward to hearing about your good works, buying your books, and supporting you. Not to mention that I am thrilled that Theo Darcy will be alive and kicking here! Anyway, I congratulate you on this new site and thank everyone for the joy you gave me and so many others from AustenAuthors.

    • We are so very glad you found us Sheryl. Please feel free to help us get out the word that we’ve got a new home now and everyone’s invited for a visit.

  6. What a shock it was to hear about the disbanding of AA, however, I was relieved when I read that this site would be coming soon. I felt like I had lost a friend, but now I’m excited to know we will be able to continue with our relationship. I can not express enough gratitude for your devotion to this us, your fans and followers of all things Jane Austen. You are all amazing writers and wonderful people.
    Thank you!!!

  7. I am so relived to be directed to this new website! I echo previous comments about how sad, and very much surprised that Austen Authors ended, and so very happy to find this new website. I want all the authors to know, even though I don’t comment on every post, I did read the AuAu blog almost daily and enjoy your writings. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved.

  8. I’m another reader who is shocked when Sharon dropped the bombshell last week, a day after her turn to post on AuAu. I’m sorry to see it closed but delighted that some of you are setting up this alternative site. I hope the format of AuAu remain the same and there will be giveaways too. Thank you for giving us the chance to connect with our favourite Austenesque authors and share our love for Jane Austen.

    • We will be keeping some of the best of AuAu and adding to it. We’re very excited for some many of the things we have planned.

      Thanks Luthien!

      • You’re most welcome, Maria. I too am excited to learn what they are. I hope you don’t think me too shallow for mentioning the giveaways only. Of course there are other wonderful things on AuAu (such as travelogue post to Jane Austen places) but that is the first thing that comes out of my head.

  9. Sad and shocked by the closing of Austen Authors. Noticeably we are missing an author 🙁 I love that this website has opened, but wish we did not have to say goodbye to another.

    • Thanks for joining us, Jennifer.

      We are excited about our new site and look forward to many wonderful creative days ahead, at the same time we respect the choices people make in how to go forward with their own endeavors.

    • Although we’re very excited about this new site, we’ve had to say some painful goodbyes. Some authors have chosen different paths, but whether they are here or not and regardless of how we parted ways, I wish nothing but the best to them.

  10. I am excited to follow you all to this site. I can’t wait to delve in! Thank you all in advance for taking the time to keep us entertained!

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  12. I was wondering why I wasnt able to log into austenauthor and then I found luckily found this site. I exciting to continue The Darcy Brothers.

  13. I am so happy you folks have tak

    In am so happy you folks have taken on this endeavour. I realize it’s not an easy task, but it’s one you have a passion for as do we who have joined. Thank you so much for continuing where Austen Authors left off.

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