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  1. Marilyn, it read smoothly. I feel that the reader would have a good idea of the characters and situation even if they have not read the p&p p snd perfect match.

    Great reDing do dear! Can’t wait to read the finished product!!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your computer! I had a computer failure a few years ago and I thought I’d lost nearly all of the baby photos of my children. I was so panicked, but luckily the fault was another component and my hard drive was intact and could be moved to another computer so I lost nothing. Lesson learned, like you say.

    I loved the excerpt, extremely intriguing. Why did she avoid him after their closet experience? Hmmmm. I am so glad you are writing a follow up to PP&TPM, as Bingleu was such a fun character, and I just loved Jane, she was the most wonderful friend to Beth Ann.

    • Ceri,
      I’m so glad you didn’t lose those photos of your children!! It’s frightening when things like that happen, though, isn’t it? The technology works so well for us…until it doesn’t. Glad you were able to recover them all!!

      And thank you for your kind words about the excerpt *and* about Perfect Match!! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the writing 🙂 .

  3. Marilyn, I really enjoyed it! I didn’t find any sections that were either confusing or dragging! All I want is the next scene, please!

    Like Ceri I wonder of course about why Jane is avoiding him (no doubt some mischievous misunderstanding you as author have concocted to torment the readers – and Bingley!) but this is a great excerpt to whet the appetite for the story!

    Oh, and I loved the Reverend Elton touch at the end! 😉

    • LOL, about “Reverend Elton,” Sandra! Our beloved Jane Austen came up with so many brilliant names for characters, I can’t stop myself from using some of them 😉 .

      And I’m so glad you liked the excerpt and that it kept you guessing about Jane’s reasons for being ticked off at Bingley. In *her* point of view, at least, she feels her anger is justified!!

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your computer troubles. Luckily you did manage to backup the most important files. I had come across this type of problems several times but usually it damage the motherboard, not as serious where it affects hard drive. Whenever I hear very loud thunder, I always stop using my desktop in case of lightning strike and switch on my iPad. I couldn’t risk it again.

    The excerpt is excellent, Marilyn. I get the picture straightaway and can’t wait until the whole book is written and published. If my memory is right, I think Jane avoided Bingley because she heard him betting to his friends that he can win over her or something like that.

    • Lúthien, your memory is excellent and, YES, you’re absolutely right that there was a bet involved that sparked Jane’s anger at him! Unless I end up revising some element that switches things around, this scene above with Bingley will be the first one in the book, followed by the one I shared a few months ago in Jane’s viewpoint. The explanation of the bet will come after that 😉 . Thanks for reading this!!

      And you’re smart to turn off your desktop during lightning and thunder!! I do that as well. I wish we would’ve had some sort of weather warning before our outage, but it wasn’t caused by storms. (Best we can figure is that something damaged one of the transformers, and that’s why we lost power…) But all’s well that ends well, right?!

  5. Sorry to hear about your computer, although I’m glad your important files were backed up. Sorry about the personal info you list though. My hubby is a techno geek do has all info including home videos & pics backed up multiple times. Nothing short of WW lll or an astetoid collidion should cause all info to be erased. 🙂

    As I agree with everyone else, I’ll say the above excerpt ran smoothly. It makes me want to continue reading…see what happens next. Also, womdeting why Jane is so annoyed & angry at Bingley.

    Thank you for sharing your WIP. I enjoyed it & am looking forward to the finished book as well as any other excerpts you may want to share with us.

    • Deborah, LOLOL!!! I’m hoping there will be no World Wars or asteroids in our near future, but I’m glad your husband has you prepared for the worst! 🙂 I generally like surprises, but not of the techno kind!

      And many thanks for taking the time to read the excerpt and sharing your thoughts on the excerpt! I’m delighted you enjoyed it and am still hoping I’ll be able to release the finished novel this summer as planned!!

  6. Well I’m glad you were able to recover almost everything. It does stink when technology gives up the ghost and you can’t get your precious memories and documents back.

    The excerpt is great and I can’t wait to read more whenever it becomes available!

    • Chanpreet,
      Thank you so much!
      I really appreciate your sweet words and I have my fingers crossed that Perfect Bet will be ready for release in a few months ;).
      And yes to everything you said about technology!! I’m being much more careful these days… *hugs*

  7. Having read The Perfect Match I am eager to read this second story. So he got to second base and then he made a bet about her being an easy conquest – Boy! not a smart guy, at all. What ever happened to “don’t kiss and tell” being the gentlemanly thing to do? So who did you use as your Bingley and Jane models for the cover?

    Loved the excerpt! Had several viruses hit my computer and when I got it back from tech had to do a search for all my documents and photos, one-by-one. Got them all back but now have a backup device with all saved on it.

    Thanks for this tease!

    • Sheila,
      LOL!! “Don’t kiss and tell” is a rule *everyone* should follow, right?!
      As for the cover, I don’t know who the models are — I just know that when I saw their picture together, I felt as though I’d *found* my Bingley and Jane ;).
      I’m thrilled you loved the excerpt — thank you!! And I’m glad you were able to recover your files and pictures, too… Computer viruses are scary things!

  8. Glad your computer is “fixed.” How frustrating that must have been. Ugh!
    Thanks so much for the excerpt! Can’t wait to read the rest of the story! =)

    • Thanks so much for the good wishes, Jakki!!! Yeah… the computer crash wasn’t my happiest day, LOL, but it all turned out all right.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the excerpt, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the whole story!!
      xoxo 🙂

  9. Smiled when I saw ‘Reverend Elton’! Love the excerpt and no confusing bits. I’m really curious now about Jane and Bingley in the closet???? A naughty side to our angelic Jane?

    Awwww computers…remember when they said they would make life easier and paperless? Hasn’t happened yet just different methods of ‘backing things up’! I’m still a fan of paper but do have all our pictures backed up on discs and external hard drives! Have to one day scan all my photo albums too…just in case.

    • Carole,
      Ha!! Glad you liked “Reverend Elton” and the excerpt as a whole — thank you so much for reading it!! And yes…there is a bit of a naughty side to our sweet Jane 😀 ! It was quite fun to write this modernized version!
      As for computers and the need to back up everything, boy, do I ever hear you on that! I still print out as much as possible of the manuscripts as I’m working on them — even though I know there’s a lot of editing and writing yet to do. I figure worst case scenario, I would have the option to just retype the pages rather than actually having to rewrite them all!

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  12. I’m sorry to hear about your computer. Having recently suffered a similar catastrophe, I feel for you!

    That said, I enjoyed this excerpt quite a bit. A few parts made me smile. I liked the nod to “Rev. Elton.” I also liked the description of Darcy as “smiling at Beth as if he’d just won the lottery and it was being hand delivered to him in a pretty package of white tulle.” Mr. Bingley’s rambling was adorable. Honestly, I enjoyed getting into the head of Mr. Bingley.

    I was left curious and wanting more, which is a good sign. I definitely wanted to know what on earth had possessed sweet Jane not only to make out with Bingley in a coat closet, but also to cast him so many murderous glances as to actually make him nervous! Goodness, he must have really screwed up to have Jane so livid!

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