A Walk up Beechen Cliff — 15 Comments

  1. It’s a lovely walk, isn’t it? And such a thrill to be walking in literary footsteps. Your post brings back such memories.
    My cousin lives on Beechen Cliff; when I stayed with her, I loved watching her husband exercise the dog by dropping a ball over the balcony, then waiting 15 minutes for the dog to race down the hill and back up after retrieving the ball. The family keep a netted cover over their fishpond so the eagles don’t eat the fish. They look out the kitchen window at the sheep on the next hill moving in unison as if a giant organism.
    If a time machine brought Catherine Morland or Jane Austen back to Bath, they could feel very much at home along Beechen Cliff.

  2. What a marvelous memory to have, Beatrice! But anybody who has made this walk, will always remember it…all the more if they know their Jane Austen.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. Your descriptions are beautiful and the pictures are helping me see what you are writing about. I am hoping one day to go back to England and to visit Bath. This walk has been added to my to do/visit list

  4. Glad you enjoyed it – and Bath is so beautiful, with its old buildings, lovely walks, and Jane Austen associations, that a visit to Bath is worth making top priority on any trip to England.

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