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  1. Hi Marilyn,
    Congratulations on your new book series. I can’t wait to read. I love your stories. Thanks for the excerpt. –Leslie

  2. Very Interesting! I don’t usually read anything much in current times and little other than P&P stuff, but I think you’ve hooked me with this! Thanks for the preview!!

    • Evelyn, thank you! I’m so thrilled the preview drew you in… 😀
      P&P will *always* be my favorite novel — it’s just so brilliant! But the lessons Jane taught us all from her writing and, most importantly to me, the keen insight she had on the way people behave, is something I think is so timeless and so applicable to our modern world…

  3. Okay hang on, it’s going to take me awhile to focus with that Ryan Gosling picture in there three inches from turtle brownies. Geez Marilyn, way to throw a girl out of focus first thing in the morning. LOL The biggest crush I had was on Kirk Cameron. I mean I had wallpaper *facepalm*. He is a Christian movie producer now and I think we could have a lovely conversation but there would be no swooning. Hugh Jackman was my favorite from about mid-20s on (first saw him in The Man from Snowy River) and I would still swoon if I met him today.

    I always look forward to your books, and considering that I’m a HUGE fan of series or interlinked novels, I’m ridiculously excited about this. Glad that you’re getting those stories out to see the light of day! Off to pre-order!

    • LOL, Stephanie!! 😀
      I know…Ryan Gosling & brownies… I had to reassure my husband and son that I was really “working” yesterday when I was looking up those images!
      And, ohhh, Kirk Cameron! I remember what a huge star he was!! I read an interview with Leonardo DiCaprio a few years back where he said how awed he was by Kirk when they acted together on “Growing Pains.” Leo hoped he would be as famous as Kirk someday… 😉
      And THANK YOU so much for your kind words about my books & for pre-ordering this one!! You made my day! xoxo

  4. Congratulations on your upcoming releases, Marilyn!! I’m so excited for you!! 🙂 And this series sounds absolutely wonderful! I had been wondering lately what had happened to your S&S-themed story, so now I know! 🙂

    My biggest crush was Pierce Brosnan as Remington Steele…and onward. 😉 In my late 20’s, it was Colin Firth of course (and still is). All my faves are British, Irish, or Scottish.

    Congrats, again!! 🙂

    Susanne 🙂

    • Susanne,
      Thank you so much!! Yes, I’ve been asked several times about what happened to that S&S-inspired story but didn’t want to say anything definite until I knew for sure that this series would be published. I’m so glad to finally get to share the info with all of you! 🙂
      As for Pierce Brosnan…ohhh, I was a big fan of his in “Remington Steele,” too. So. Very. Dashing. My favorite of all of his films & TV shows was as the lead in “The Thomas Crown Affair” remake — did you see it?! It’s R-rated for nudity/sexuality and language, so be aware of that, if you haven’t watched it already, but I thought he was brilliant in that film. And, seriously, what’s not to love about Colin Firth in ANYTHING?! *swoon*

  5. Congratulations! I just saw this on Goodreads yesterday. I’m happy that you’re still working on Gil & Mariana’s story and are incorporating it into the series. And gratuitous brownie pics are always alright by me!

    Is it crazy that I can’t think of an actor I was crazy about as a teen? I know in my pre-teen years it was all about rock stars, my walls were covered in posters. As a teen I was too busy gabbing on the phone and doing dumb things like frying myself in the sun to watch much tv. I think I’m more ga-ga over actors now than I was then and surely if I met any of them now, I’d turn red like a beet and say something completely asinine.

    Off to pre order! xo

    • Monica,
      Thank you, my friend!! Sending you a few virtual brownies — warm, straight from the oven, and with ice cream on top 😉 .
      I did the same thing as you — I had rock-star posters all over my bedroom walls! Hall & Oates, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, this Australian group called Dragon, and more… I’ve never gotten to meet a musician or an actor that I had a crush on, though. I’m not sure I’d be able to say anything at all, LOL. I briefly met Dennis DeYoung of Styx a few years back (not a crush, although I did love his music!), and I was tongue tied even then… XO

    • Monica – thank you! I’m so pleased you like the cover…and, of course, the brownies 🙂 . I think I gain weight just by looking at pictures of them in all of their chocolate gooeyness, LOL, but they are one of my favorite desserts. Many thanks for the congrats, too! I appreciate it.

  6. I don’t usually read a lot of books set in present time but your story really appealed to me. It seems like the beginning of a sweet (no pun intended!) love story. I don’t eat sugar but a picture of a brownie never hurt anyone! Young Colin Firth could make me swoon any day of the week! Looking forward to the series.

    • Constance,
      I’m thrilled that my story appealed to you — thank you for telling me so! I really hope you’ll enjoy this new series. Writing about Mirabelle Harbor and its residents has been such a joy.
      And that young Colin Firth picture…I know, right?! Mmmm! 🙂 Handsome and also talented!!

  7. I am so looking forward to the release of this series. This excerpt has whetted my appetite. The actor that I had a crush on….there are a few…Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger) [I really wanted to be pulled up onto his gorgeous horse, Silver, when rescued] and Richard Chamberlain (The Three Musketeers). Thank you so much for sharing, Marilyn.

    • Deborah, thank you so much! You’ve been incredibly supportive of all of my stories, and you know how much I appreciate your feedback 😉 .
      As for the men you mentioned — very swoon worthy! I loved Richard Chamberlain, too, especially when he was in “The Thorn Birds”!

  8. I was wondering what happened with Gifts By the Shore. I really enjoyed it. Especially since I’m from Sarasota. So I’ll be looking forward to Stranger on the Shore. Can’t wait!

    • Kris,
      Thank you!! It was incredibly exciting when I figured out that connection between Mirabelle Harbor and everything that was happening in Sarasota with Marianna & Gil 😉 . Back when I was posting the scenes here, I hadn’t yet gotten to the part where she goes to St. Armand’s Circle and meets a small group of women. One of those ladies is someone who was originally from Mirabelle Harbor and they have mutual friends in common. So, it’ll be really fun to get to go back to writing Stranger on the Shore now, knowing even more about both communities/sets of characters, and to finally be able to share the whole story with all of you!

  9. Yeah, another book series by Marilyn. Congrats! Thanks for clarifying Gifts by the Shore will be the fourth book in the Mirabelle Harbor series. I was wondering what happened to it when I heard you will be publishing The One that I Want.

    As a teenager, I had a crush on Christien Anholt when I saw him in Relic Hunter. I don’t follow his career much so I wouldn’t want to meet him now.

    • Lúthien,
      Thank you so much!!
      Yes, the mystery of Gifts by the Shore was finally solved 😉 . It’s a funny thing with characters… Even if you leave them alone for a while or work on another project, once they’ve become “real” to the author, I don’t think they ever just go away. They just sit patiently, waiting for us to pick up the pen again and continue their story.
      As for Christien Anholt, I have not yet seen “Relic Hunter”!! Must see if I can get ahold of the series here. I read the description, and it sounds so interesting!

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