A State of Inelegance — 38 Comments

  1. Oh,what a fantastic way to start my day!!!
    Nearly choked until I came towards the end and realised they were married!
    Thank you for such a bright and sunny start to my day!!

  2. Ha ha! I loved this! I kept reading and thinking ‘surely they would not do this’ and enjoying every moment, so the ending was brilliant. I do so love it when they are married and so obviously in love ❤. More please.

    • Thanks Glynis! Yes that would be quite the departure from character if they did all this unwed haha! But I am glad you went along with it!

  3. I’m reading this instead of sleeping, as I should be! I would love to have this little bit written into a book!!! Here I was, thinking this the traditional meeting at Pemberley, and wondering at Darcy daring to say she was sweaty… then inviting a swim, oh, my! And then – Elizabeth being with child! My heart was definitely fluttering……and I was sure I had missed something?
    And then, yes! “Come, Mre. Darcy.” 💕

    • Haha! Glad I was able to catch some people… it was July but NOT July 1812 🙂 Thanks so much and hope I didn’t keep you up too late!

  4. Your getting there,! LOL. I had a feeling you’d clean it up with propriety in the end.

    Hope your summer is going well. Seems the girls have been busy and I want photos posted of the dorm room when it’s fully decorated! I can barely imagine, Love, Sher

  5. Loved this! Had me going right until the end. Thought this was their summer trip to Derbyshire. Wow! Could use a clean, cool river in my front yard. Been a miserable few weeks here.

  6. Oh you teasing, teasing girl, Amy! Using words and phrases from canon to make us think that this was about Elizabeth’s trip to Pemberley with the Gardiners was a very neat trick, indeed.

    I didn’t get a chance to read this before, so thanks so much for brightening my Friday morning.

  7. What a treat! Anything written by you brightens my day, Amy. I just adore your Darcys. I especially loved Elizabeth’s line — “One may as well hang for a sheep as a lamb,” she murmured.

  8. Loved this. Although I knew you would not post anything MA on a blog I was still wondering where this was going. Well done. Even with their being married such conduct is still amusing to imagine in Regency times. But thanks…we have had such hot plus rainy weather here in Pennsylvania I can well imagine the need to soak in a cool river or pond if it were in Regency times.

  9. I knew after reading your bio that you would tend to be Austen purist. So, I waited and wondered how this 18th Century situation would end.
    And it did delightful. Now I want to read your next book. Is it coming out soon?

  10. My apologies to Janis, Sheila and Dr Roberta Shechter because I only just today saw your comments on this piece! Thank you all so much!

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