A Sisterly Talk before the Wedding by Maria Grace — 20 Comments

  1. Oh, this was lovely, Maria! How touching to see the mutual affection you have portrayed, and made me wish to be there with the girls! 🙂

  2. Until I read this scene, it hadn’t occurred to me that in marrying Darcy, although Elizabeth gains a great deal, she would miss the company of all of her sisters. Usually, I think my assumption has been that she wouldn’t miss the silliness of the two youngest and Mary’s sermonising. This has made me see the sisters in a new light. Of course, she’s spent all her life in a house full of sisters so she’s bound to miss the noise and bustle of it all, as well as their companionship, even though she’s found it tiresome at times.

    Lovely story, Maria.

  3. While formatting the document for the paperback version, I read this story, and it was one of my favorites. Having five sisters, it really resonated.

  4. “I am sure Lady Catherine will have to approve the child before he is born. Really, Mr. Collins, you must be certain to tell Mrs. Collins that the most proper time to be born is between three and four in the afternoon so as to allow the household to settle and have a proper dinner that evening.” This passage, spoken tongue in cheek, is one of my favorite. Can’t you just imagine Lady Catwitch saying it? The whole scene reminds me of times in the dorm at college when girls, during the allotted noisy hour, would visit back and forth, fool with each other’s hair, share gossip and maybe do some exercises in the hall. Now all the gossip is shared by cell phone.

  5. Very sweet moment between the Bennett girls. The eldest two sister’s lives aren’t the only the ones that are going to change when they marry. I love that Mary can be open with her sisters and without Lydia’s interference all four can enjoy each other’s company.

    • I confess, I love writing conversations like this one. I get to feel like a fly on the wall just watching is all unfold.

  6. Love it, love it. You know that a family of girls has to have moments like this, but they’re so rarely shown in books.

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