A Most Respectable Elopement, Part Two — 11 Comments

  1. Reading these letters it looks like Lydia is the instigator of all things clandestine! What a bold, foolish young girl she is.

  2. I must agree with Glynis!
    Yes,Lydia does seem to be the orchestrator of her own elopement and potential fall from grace in society’s eyes.
    So caught up in the sheer ‘romance’ of it all,she fails to consider the consequences of her rash behaviour and the high price her family members will have to pay for such.
    Yes,immature,impulsive Lydia casts a net to catch a red coat largely ignorant and heedless of her inability to deal with the implications of such a fishing expedition!
    Foolishly and selfishly arrogant,Lydia,in her cheeky flattery,flies in the face of all she should hold dear, courting potential public scorn and ridicule as a result.
    Loved this post! Thanks to all concerned for such!

  3. First, I would like to thank you Mrs. Wickham for offering to provide strategies in finding a husband in your prior comments. I happen to have ‘found’ one all on my own with the greatest of results! I will let you know more when we meet for tea! Please don’t pin me down on the date…this will take time.

    As for your clandestine meetings and games of chance, I must say you certainly risked all…did you ever happen to think of what the consequences would be for your parents/sisters? Public scorn is one thing, but your dear family?

    • One must risk all when the stakes are high, my dear friend. As for my beloved sisters, I knew that one gentleman was already heart over heels in love with my eldest sister, and if he was not good enough to love her still, despite whatever jealous things were said about myself, then he was not nearly worthy of her. Of what value is a man’s love if it is not tested?

  4. Ah, to have been a butterfly observing the assignation which must never have happened, since neither of you planned to attend it! But how, pray tell, can any elopement be respectable? There is a cost for defying society’s rules, even for the grand prize of love.

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