A Most Respectable Elopement, Part Twenty One — 17 Comments

  1. George Wickham a hero????? Well that is a surprise. Although we still don’t know what happened to his winnings other than he didn’t spend it on his entertainment:)
    Well I will reserve judgment until we get the rest of the story and who knows? Maybe just maybe, if he is lucky Lydia may be happy to stay with him.

  2. Just your luck Mr. Wickham when you have grown a conscience and fallen in love! The only problem I see is if Lydia will believe you…let alone Mr. Darcy when he finds you! Ah but maybe that is a ruse, Mr. Darcy believing you, that is. Maybe when you are sent off to Newcastle, you are searching out the rest of the spies!!! Oh the intrigue! I’m looking forward to Lydia’s reaction…don’t you just love epiphanies!

  3. Oh my!! What a turn of events. There are very few stories of a repentant/redeemed Wickham. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Two Colonels have already witnessed Reeves acting badly so that could be in Wickham’s favor… perhaps?? Man…

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