A Most Respectable Elopement, Part One — 17 Comments

  1. How bold of Lydia, kissing Wickham. Now I wonder who thought of running away!
    I’m finding it hard to believe Wickham might truly love her and wish to marry her (especially with no money) because surely they would not need to elope – Mrs Bennet would welcome him with open arms!

  2. What a delightful post! How daring is Lydia to kiss Wickham! Wonder what will befall them now?
    Who ventures to propose the trek to Gretna Green?
    Cheers for such a lovely post!

  3. I would have to agree with Lydia that ladies know the art of strategy very well! She apparently learned from the best! I don’t think you stood a chance Mr. Wickham! Veni vidi vici…She came, she saw, she conquered!

    • Dear Carole, should you ever find yourself in need of advice on catching husbands, I have ever so many excellent strategies! Naturally, I prefer officers, but I am positively certain that these tactics will work on just about any man with red blood. You simply must stop by for tea when next you are at your leisure!

  4. Such a romanticized tale…with quite the bold ending! Can Lydia truly be the lady she claims herself to be (more than once) and still plant a kiss on Wickham (whom I cannot in all truth call a “gentleman.”) My apologies, Mr. W.; Mrs. Forster is more astute than I would have given her credit for being. 🙂

    I did spot one mistake. In the paragraph beginning “One cannot weave much of a romance around the tale of the Archer,” Wickham addresses Lydia as “Miss Wickham” rather than “Miss Lydia.” My apologies; I’ve been editing all day and the editor in me just can’t stop! 😉

    Thank you for quite the entertaining diversion!

    Susanne 🙂

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