A Most Respectable Elopement: Part Fourteen — 6 Comments

  1. Goodness me Lydia! Since when have you had an interest in theatre or even heard of Shakespeare and Sheridan? And Wickham! With all your practice at deceit surely you could have come up with a better lie than that one?

  2. I am impressed Lydia can name plays, too. She is far more clever than she allows others to see. Now I cam see she is related to Lizzy.

    To bad, Mr. Bennet never had deep conversations with this Lydia. He would be incredibly surprised to witness the depth of this “silly girl.”

  3. George, she will make an honest man of you yet! Oh forgive me, we have not yet been formally introduced…Mr. Wickham. I believe you are going to have a fair amount groveling to do for some time.

    Mrs. Wickham you are showing some hidden depths. Since your father couldn’t be bothered with you, you obviously were paying him back by acting the ‘silliest girl’ for most of your young life! Then again, the gossip column would have held a wealth of information regarding who was seen with whom at what theatre or ball!

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