A Most Respectable Elopement, Part Five — 12 Comments

  1. Oh dear, I’m not sure what to think now. I mean to say, who is doing the seducing and who is being seduced? Obviously Wickham has a LOT of experience with young ladies while Lydia is a very green girl so I think I will have to conclude that he is the guilty party.

  2. Such a compromise if ever I read! I think George is guilty as sin and is taking every advantage of a poor innocent and crushing teen, who understands little about consequence with regards to boys but in this case, men!

  3. Alas, my dear George, perhaps we ought to take the air. I fear that the present company are little impressed with our romantic adventures.

  4. My Dear Mrs. Wickham,

    I apologize for the delay in my response but I have been busy walking the parks of California with my two sisters and cousin.

    I must say though, I do feel you were well and truly caught in the fire of your own making. As for your companion, he certainly fanned the flames!

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