A Most Respectable Elopement: Part Eleven — 4 Comments

  1. Where on earth did Lydia learn her coquettish behaviour? At her age!!! Wickham obviously appreciates it. I’m wondering how many more nights they will have to spend before Gretna, if she will continue to hold out and if the men from the previous evening will appear?? (and who they were!)

  2. Oh my…Lydia must have overheard through the years, Mrs. Bennet, Mrs. Lucas, Mrs. Phillips, etc. discussing some rather ‘wild’ gossip and one thing just lead to another in their conversations…maybe how they ‘secured’ their husbands??? But it certainly looks like they are both playing a cat and mouse game with each other. I’m not sure though who is the cat and who is the mouse! Come to think of it, neither quite fit the moniker of a mouse…I know! The fox and the hound! Or in this case, the vixen and the hound!

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