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  1. I enjoyed the book, Marilyn. I’ve had dogs, cats and birds while growing up. I had 2 favorites at the same time, right after I got married. Thunder, my Doberman and Skamp my cat. They were inseparable and the cat acted more like a dog. Thunder was an 80 pound lap dog.

  2. *le sigh* I do so enjoy the Michaelsens. My family has always had dogs. Dobermans and Doxies particularly. As an adult I have doxies. I always wanted a cat because they are so darn self sufficient but I’m terribly allergic. LOL

  3. Oh that was so good but rather sad…little does he know how Vicki feels. As for pets, we grew up with dogs, cats and birds. Once married and we had kids, we started with a kitten that my daughter brought home from the stables. My son had a gecko and beta fish but finally asked why his sister had a horse and a cat and could he have a dog. My husband, with much grumbling, gave certain requirements (no bigger than, no long hair, etc). Well after much research, on my part, we came up with a couple of breeds that fit all the requirements that we liked. Then by pure chance we met a breeder of Whippets and the rest they say is history. Little did my husband know that we suggested to him a dog show to go to. The kids and I knew the breeder was going to be there with some 4 month old puppies. So by the end of the show, we got one of the puppies! Our Whippet came to be my husband’s buddy and it was a very sad day 14 years later when our ‘puppy’ passed on. That was in 2010. We do plan to get two in the future and I plan to call them Jane and Bingley!

    • Ohh, Carole, thank you! I’m so glad you liked the scene, and I definitely agree — the emotional state Blake is in at the start of the book is sad, and he doesn’t understand Vicky’s feelings or worldview at all…
      I loved reading your Whippet puppy story!! And LOL about the future “Jane” and “Bingley” — such a cute idea 😀 .

  4. Great excerpt, Marilyn! Terrific writing and characterizations. 🙂

    I think you know we only have a cat now. We’ll probably get a new dog when we move – but first we have to decide where we’ll move to. I miss having a dog to cuddle.

  5. Carole – loved your story.

    Unfortunately my husband is allergic and even in visiting a house with a dog or cat has to take medication. I would love to have a dog.

    Marilyn, you know I loved your book. Great story. Love the photos of “a man and his dog”!

    • Sheila,
      Thank you so very much for your sweet words! All the lovely things you said about You Give Love a Bad Name meant so much to me and your review of the novel was a wonderful gift 😉 . Glad you enjoyed the photos too!! XO

  6. I have three boys, a husband, and no pets.

    As a child, at times I had a cat or two, a dog or two, gerbils, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, fish, a mouse someone gave us for one week, hermit crabs, and two younger brothers.

  7. We had dogs growing up, and later I had my own dog, who is now gone. Early in my marriage, we had a cat foisted on us. My kids really want to have a pet, but now that the vomiting, peeing, finicky, irritable, shedding cat who needed daily insulin shots is gone, I’ve had enough of the mess that pets bring. We humans are sloppy enough. Fortunately, one of my boys is quite allergic to cats, and the other is slightly allergic to dogs. So sad, I say to their pleading puppy-dog eyes.

    • Ginna,
      My son would have loved a dog when he was little, too, but the apartment we lived in then didn’t allow it and he’s far too busy now (prepping for college) to be able to take care of a puppy. And I agree that we humans can be pretty sloppy, LOL 🙂 .

  8. Wishbone! Lol is there an Austen Wishbone episode?! I need to see it. I’m a sucker for Mr Darcy or any romantic hero interacting with an animal. *swoon!*

    Pets always love us even when we’re at our worst. I’ve had lots of cats & dogs over the years & right now I have Hulk a.k.a Hulk the Wonder Pup. Growing up I always wanted a pet snake but my mom said Hell to the No on that one. I like most animals but I think cats & Hulk are about all I have the room for right now.

    • Monica,
      YES!!!! There’s a P&P Wishbone from years back!! I’m sure a copy is kicking around online somewhere 😀 . (I’ll try to find it for you…) And LOL about you wanting a pet snake growing up! My son has had newts and sea turtles and guinea pigs, etc., but I totally draw the line at snakes… One of my college friends had a large one and he had to go buy live mice to feed it. Really freaked me out!
      BTW, I loved the cats that were in the picture you took with The Road & Beyond. Such cuties!

  9. Great chapter, Marilyn!! And, I was delighted to see Wishbone included in your pictures. I enjoyed watching him with my children when they were little and I thought they did a great job of conveying condensed versions of great literature!

    • Carey,
      Seeing this late, but I just wanted to say thank you!! So sweet of you to take the time to read my scene & comment, too!! 😀
      And, yeah…that Wishbone episode was awfully cute!

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