A locket and a Promise — 21 Comments

    • This piece was a bonus chapter to my Given Good Principles series. You can learn of Mr. Collins fate in All the Appearance of Goodness, the third book of the series. Thanks, Lauren!

  1. This is a wonderful start, can’t wait for more. Absolutely love the title. It is eye catching and enticing. Love your stories, than you for Sharing your gift with all of us.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It is a great beginning! I want to read more about Charlotte, Maria Grace. She deservers happiness 🙂

  3. I love the short little story and always felt Charlotte could have done better than Mr Collins. maybe her father could have tried to set her up with one of his business associates and her mother thinks that would be a better match than Mr. Lambwho her uncle seems to have chosen for her. maybe a letter from her uncle could show up for her.

  4. I, too, would like to see this fleshed out. Not all our heroes and heroines must be handsome and/or pretty, i.e., Rochester and Jane Eyre. So give this character second thoughts about marrying for love and not just in order to have a house of her own to manage and someone who would provide adequately for her. I would like to see that transition in her thought processes played out, maybe reflecting on Jane’s and Lizzie’s happy marriages. Of course, the dogs have to have a minor role. Does Mr. Lamb like her mince pies? OH, and is she going to make sure he knows she likes him to secure his affections? Just how outspoken will she be? We didn’t read concerning this in her securing Mr. Collins in P&P. LOL

  5. OOHHH! I am already so happy for dear Charlotte. Mr. Albert Lamb is wonderful. He sounds lovely. I so want the practical girl to find someone who will really love her so she won’t have to “settle”. Bring her the same happiness that Jane and Lizzy found.

  6. Oh this is delightful! Yes, I think you should flesh it out more and as her sister-in-law tries to discourage her by saying he is only an assistant to his uncle and a shopkeeper at that! (For she only wants her to work in her household). Her parents may try to discourage her in hopes she may meet someone similar to whom Jane and Lizzie married. Then her own doubts will hold her back…but let’s have the puppies finally bring them together! She could also visit Elizabeth who can help her see what is really important…love.

  7. I would love to see this expanded. Maybe she is worried he has no home of his own, or can’t support her if they marry because she makes wrong assumptions about him. She might be teased by other women about his looks or clumsiness, and starts to doubt him. Her sister in law might be unhappy with a low connection if she married a jeweler and interfere.

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