A little Jane for the Holidays: Plains of Chalmette — 42 Comments

  1. Oops! Didn’t know I was supposed to write that I live in the US and would love the new Plains of Chalmette paperback. Thank you for having this giveaway.

  2. Loved that excerpt! I look forward to reading the rest of Matthew and Anne-Marie’s story. The background and setting make it even more interesting.

    For the giveaway, I’m a US Resident and I would love to win any of the non-book prizes as well as Jane Austen Christmas, Persuasion of Miss Jane Austen, Plains of Chalmette, and Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Calendar. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. This sounds like a very enjoyable book. I’ve read “Mr. Darcy Came to Dinner” and “Pemberley Ranch” by the same author, and am looking forward to reading this new offering.

  4. Interesting! Matthew & Anne-Marie seem to be going along swimmingly. I’d love to win this in the giveaway.

    I hope everyone has a happy new year! I’m off to google what “Et vous aurez besoin de chance, j’ai bien peur .” means.

  5. I am anxiously looking forward to reading this story, and would love to win it! Jack’s stuff is always good! I’m in the U.S. and would be happy with ebook or paperback, if they’re both a choice.

    • in my excitement, I forget to mention that I’m in the US…..
      & my choices are either The Plains of Chalmette or Mr Darcy’s Christmas Calendar or Mr Darcy’s Pledge Challenge……..

  6. I am so looking forward to the release of this book. But I hope we get a translation of the French dialogue as I do not speak the language and would love to know what that comment was all about. Sarcastic? My husband and I visited New Orleans way back in 1971 when he was discharged from the Army and we drove home from Ft. Hood TX. Never got back that way but the memory has stayed with us. Of special note was a night on that town with visits to several establishments of fame, i.e. Al Hirt’s, Court of the Two Sisters, etc. At that time we noted the damage from a hurricane along the coast as we drove. (Can’t remember which one it was but the damage was major.)

    Happy New Year. And thanks for a chance to win any of those prizes.

  7. Delightful and looking forward to reading it! What trouble will happen in between now and Sunday for Major Darcy and Anne-Marie?! Then to have you say that M. Dansereau is a mix between Sir Walter Eliot and Lady Russell? Trouble indeed!

    I am in Canada and would love to win the prints , Plains of Chalmette, Persuasion of Miss Jane Austen, Mr. Darcy’s Christmas Calendar, Mr. Darcy’s Challenge, the paper dolls….

    Thank you and Happy New Year!

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