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  1. That was delightful! I love the parallels as well and had to laugh about Jane’s comment: “Well,” says Jane, watching the clergyman go. “We are rid of one ass, but what are we to do about the other?”

    I hope there is more to come!

  2. Beautifully written, Caitlin! I loved the hints of a future Pride & Prejudice, but even more so the image of Jane the writer, discouraged and uninspired, not knowing she is heading into a period of great inspiration. I think many of us have been at that point where we wanted to put our scribblings away because the pleasure was gone for it, only for it to return full force later.

    • Thanks, Abigail. Yes, i am sure all writers suffer from insecurities and find themselves struggling, wondering why they do what do what they do.

  3. This was a lovely read! I enjoy the story from Cassandra’s perspective as I feel she is someone whom I would like to know better. (Even if it’s make-believe) I also love a saucy Jane Austen. I don’t imagine she would’ve written characters like Lydia Bennett and Willoughby without being a bit cheeky herself. I hope there will be more 🙂

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. So glad you enjoyed it. Yes, will certainly write some more if people are enjoying it.

  4. I really enjoyed this lovely and amusing glimpse into the fictionalized world of Jane and her family…especially Gerald. 😉

    The parallels to some of the characters in P&P was definitely amusing. Thank you for sharing your writings with us!!

    Susanne 🙂

  5. That was lovely! I’ve just finished reading Lucy Worsley’s book Jane Austen at Home, which at one point suggests that Jane might have been suffering from depression at certain points in her life and you can see hints of this here.

    Just one question as I’m going to be in Chawton in a few days. Will I run into Gerald? I’ll certainly be imagining his presence as I pass theough the house!

  6. Anji. Bless you. I hope you enjoy Chawton. I really did. I can’t say whether you will meet Gerald there,but keep reading and I am sure he will appear in future episodes of this series

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