A Little Bit of Ivory Two Inches Wide – Part Three — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Caitlin, I just wanted to mention how your chosen graphics are a charming, subtle mix and I appreciate how they don’t distract/detract from the story as some illustrations often do. Thank you

    • Thank you!

      I wanted to put some illustrations in as 3000 words of text is quite difficult to look at without any, but I’m glad you think they don’t detract.

      They are all from the library of pictures Austen Variations members have built up over the years.

      Thanks again

  2. Is Mr.Eckley a pale reflection of Darcy? Fanny is Elizabeth? Such a good chapter, I look forward to reading the whole book at once.

    • Thank you for reading and yes! Mr Eckley is ‘Mr Darcy’. Harriet is a sort-of Elizabeth.
      I’m not sure it will be a book. It is just something I started writing after visiting Chawton and reading some Jane Austen biographies. It’s just for fun really, but I am glad you liked it.

  3. This story is soooo intriguing, Caitlin!! I hope that it will end up becoming a novel itself, despite Jane’s derision of the genre…her genre. 😉

    I am completely fascinated by the characters,and this dinner discussion was truly wonderful!! Thank you for sharing your story with us!!

    Susanne, who would much rather read your stories than grade the essays waiting quite impatiently for my attention…. 🙂

    • Good luck with the essays, Suzanne, and thanks for reading.

      Poor Miss Austen must have felt very unconfident at this stage in her life. Luckily for us she began to get her groove back as a writer and blessed us all with her talents for the next 200 years.

      Take care and I hope you get through that big pile of work.

  4. I am enjoying the story very much! I think you may have a book here. (No pressure, ha ha) The characters are so genuine. You’ve made the stand-ins for Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth more human to me. Same for Jane, etal. I’m enjoying your take on the Austen family dynamics, again very genuine yet fresh. Also like the story from Cassandra’s viewpoint. Eagerly awaiting next chapter!

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