All Things Austen — A Letter from Jane to Cassandra (30 April 1811) — 21 Comments

  1. I enjoy these posts very much. It makes me wonder what Jane’s life would have been in the modern world.Thank you everyone who posts their stories, they’ve been entertaining.

    • Her life would’ve been so different. We have so many opportunities she didn’t. I’m so glad you have enjoyed her letters! Thanks, Julia!

    • We so often have snippets of her letters that I thought it would be fun to be able to read a few in their entirety. I’m glad you enjoyed them as well! Thanks, Glynis!

  2. I have enjoyed the glimpses into Miss Austen’s day-to-day life. Far from being tied to her little table writing, one wonders how she had time to write at all.

    • I always enjoy Jane Austen’s wit. She had a way with words. I’m pleased you enjoyed them as well! thanks, Linda!

  3. I too love these letters. I like how she talks of her clothing and the changes she would like to make or muslin to buy for the making of a dress. I wonder if she had more money if would have been more of a ‘fashion plate’ herself!

  4. This was a letter that I had not read before. I especially liked the description of Mr Brecknell who is very religious and has black whiskers. It reminds me of someone who is very handsome and wears a blue coat (or something like that!).

  5. Thanks for sharing. Reading Jane’s letters made me wonder about what the future generations will be able to read about us through correspondence. Not many people write actual letters to each other anymore. Thanks again!

  6. I so enjoy Jane’s letters to Cassandra. I have an illustrated collection of their letters, and they’re just lovely.

    Thank you for posting this one–delightful!!

    Susanne 🙂

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