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  1. I am only just starting to read Jane Austen variations and this site has been a wonderful find. I loved this and now need to read the book.

  2. I loved this book and I think Jane Bennet and the Colonel would suit each other very well. Thank you. A lovely start to a Wednesday morning!

  3. It is a beautiful love story and a more bolder Jane that I find so lovable. In versions where Bingley and Jane do marry, I always picture in my mind Jane initiating a discussion on Bingley’s rude disappearance, even if it is after they are married when she finds strength in a new-found intimacy.

    • I hope you enjoy it, June. While it’s primarily a Darcy and Elizabeth story, the Colonel plays a much larger role than he does in my other books, and I had a lot of fun writing his relationship with Jane.

  4. Bingley? Who? Faced with the Colonel I wouldn’t even remember who Bingley was even with his fortune. Looks like I am going to have buy this – any book with this Colonel is worth reading

  5. I love stories where Jane ends up with the Colonel or some other strong man; Bingley is a wuss IMO and Jane deserves someone better than him and his sister(s). I’d love to read a story about the Colonel and Jane and their life in France and living with Lady Matlock.

    BTW, not all Carolines are mercenary.

      • Yes, I have and have read 9 of your books multiple times. Sometimes I read from beginning to end, and sometimes I find my favorite spot and start from there. I’m always excited when a new book comes out. Thanks for all the reading pleasure!

  6. Your Refuge Jane storyline is one of my favorite ones. I love that you put her with Col F. I would love more like this. Hooray for Jane!

  7. i beliee jane was hurt by bingley as he left town suddenly but she is not mean spirited that is why she loves him i think do you not believe this to be true ,very well done scene

    • I don’t think Jane is mean-spirited at all, but the reality is that someone is to blame for Bingley leaving Netherfield. Either he was toying with her in the first place and left of his own accord, or he was sincere in his feelings for her but gave way to persuasion not to return. Either way, he has behaved badly towards her. In my view, it’s not mean-spirited to hold someone responsible when they’ve behaved badly. Or at least that’s my 2 cents!

  8. Excellent excerpt. Read Refuge awhile back. Must read it again. I do not hate Bingley, but I do hate that he left Netherfield without so much as a goodbye. Colonel Fitzwilliam many not have much in the way of money, but what he’s got is first circle family. He knows his mother and Darcy will help him. Glad he’s giving Jane a choice. Bingley could not grow a backbone quick enough to regain Jane’s feelings. Think seriously young Jane. The colonel is a real man while Bingley is not at all sure of himself. Thanks for the excerpt, Abigail.

  9. I agree with Carol above – Bingley should have said something to Jane before leaving Netherfield, before Darcy and his sisters ganged up on him. It would have taken him just a few minutes to stop at Longbourn, hardly a delay. So, what fate do you have for Bingster?

    • Here’s what I wrote about Bingley’s fate:

      After receiving the intelligence of Jane Bennet’s engagement from Darcy, Charles Bingley had a great many things to say to the man he had trusted above all others, some of them true, some false, but all of them angry. Given the choice of blaming his sister, Darcy, or himself, he elected Darcy as the least painful choice to carry the onus of his culpability in losing Jane Bennet. His intention was to put an end to their friendship, but he gave way under pressure from his sisters and maintained a civil relationship with the Darcys, although without the closeness of previous years. He never returned to Netherfield and soon after gave up the lease. A year to the day after Jane’s wedding, Bingley announced his engagement to a delicately bred girl from York with golden hair and pretty manners.

      • Again, this shows how selfish and immature Bingley is. Rather than taking the blame and realizing what he did, he blames others and Darcy wound up being the scapegoat. Darcy had Bingley’s best interests at heart, while his sisters were conniving and vindictive in their attempts to reach the first circle. To them, Jane was not good enough for their brother. Jane is well rid of him!

  10. I loved his book. Thank you for posting this story to jog my memory. I have to reread it. Depending upon the circumstances, I believe Jane could become angry at him. I mean, to not have enough back bone to stand up to his sisters and friend. I think there would have to be, at least, a discussion about it between the two of them.

  11. This is a scrumptious scene! I, Tito, must go back and reread the book. I love the Jane-Colonel pairing. When I was younger and first read P & P, I thought the Bingley -Jane story line as romantic and cheered when he came back. But as I’ve matured and read it again and again, his thoughtlessness and lack of backbone bother me. Jane deserves better!

  12. Very interesting discussion above. I too love the pairing of Jane with the colonel. He has always been an attractive character in my view. Bingley did blow it, but just to give him a little credit: when he left Netherfield he expected to return very soon, and, he relied on his wicked sisters to write an explanation to Jane (I think he did in the original although I have read so many variations!). I have read refuge several times, along with most, if not all, of your other P&P’s, Abigail, and I always enjoy them tremendously. Thanks and R.E.S.P.E.C.T! I always look forward to your next.

  13. As much as I like the idea of Jane and Col. Fitzwilliam it sounds as if she has to deal with her feelings for Mr Bingley. You can’t start something new (successfully I mean) and still have “issues” with somebody else. I’d hate to have to break the colonel’s heart but it has to be done. Besides, I always thought I’d love to see him end up madly in love with Georgiana Darcy. Don’t know why but I do.

  14. I remember being surprised that Jane ended up with Col. Fitzwilliam when I read this book, but it’s nice to see her with choices and showing a little bit of backbone! Besides, who wouldn’t want the charming & noble Col. Fitzwilliam?

  15. I have read that book twice in full and read certain scenes again and again. I have to say one of my favorite scenes is when Elizabeth and the Gardiners arrive at Pemberley and Darcy is there.

    As to Jane: yes, I can see where a man who knows his heart and is not persuaded by others would be a greater prize. Jane should be angry but if the Colonel did not come forth she might have accepted a returned Bingley to secure her family’s future.

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