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  1. Well if that was the way it was written, then it would have been a shorter story.

    I love Persuasion the idea of a second chance despite your self is really appealing.

    Ann’s quiet determination makes her on of Jane’s best women.

    • You are right, Terri – it could not be Persuasion, this way! But still, interesting things may happen in A Different Persuasion, and I am inclined to try and find out what they may be, in another episode…

  2. That was a lovely, sweet re-telling of Anne and Frederick’s story, Diana. Wouldn’t it have been marvellous for them to have had those extra years together?

    As Terri says, though, Persuasion would have been a much shorter tale, over almost before it had begun and we would have had only five completed novels from our beloved Jane.

  3. Thanks, Anji, that is such a lovely thought, that they could have had those extra eight years together. Of course, Persuasion, with its deeply rewarding second chance, is so appealing, as it is. But I’m thinking I might take this “variation” a little farther…

  4. Persuasion has long been my favorite of Jane Austin’s novels…far above Pride and Prejudice even. Thank you, Diana, for bringing Anne and Frederick’s story back to life. I am most anxious to see where you will take them and us. (If this is eventually published, be assured it will be a most welcome addition to my growing library of Austin variations.)

  5. Love it! I can’t really believe Anne could give him up if she loved him so much. I can believe Captain Wentworth could have said these words. He was skilled at expressing his love in words. I definitely would love to read a different type of persuasion. Persuade her to a life at sea? Persuade her to move to another country? Persuade her into a military ruse? So many possibilities even if they are married early on!

    • Well, that’s it, Lex – I’ve always found it hard to accept that Anne would give him up. You are right, he was so persuasive himself, in words; didn’t he write the most searing love letter ever? (Hint: They might go to sea – for a little while!)

  6. Well now that you have them agreed to marry, I wonder what will change with their situation…I would hate for Lady Russell to be right in any form! I find her to much like Lady Catherine at times! Looking forward to future episodes!

  7. I wish that this was the way their earlier relationship had been…but then we would either have a *very* short story instead of a lovely novel on second chances OR a very different story of facing the hurdles of their married life.

    Thanks for writing and sharing this vignette with us, Diana!

    Susanne 🙂

  8. Yes please expand, can you not see the possibilities in the future. Will she sail with him? No he is not captain yet. Where will she live while he is at sea? Will she have to live alone or will she be reliant on her family. So many questions. Please do not leave us hanging.

    • Oh, bad me, he was Commander! But wait – the Asp was before the Year Six, and after the Asp he became Captain in the Laconia, and he can take Anne on a wedding-cruise then, as Captain after all – but I must not say more yet!

      • Oh wait again, Sandra. I just checked, and he WAS made Captain before he and Anne first met in the Year Six! So we are OK. Thanks for the eye for detail! It helps.

    • Laurie, I never thought anyone would want to read more of this, but I am becoming convinced! Very well, to sea they go! Thanks for the encouragement!

  9. Yes, delightful but, as said, we would then have no story…or that letter.

    If you are to continue this premise you have to come up with different problems and villains other than her father and Lady Russell. But good luck with that and thanks for sharing.

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