A 99-cent Boxed Set…and a New Scene from Pride, Prejudice & the Perfect Bet by Marilyn Brant — 29 Comments

  1. Yay!!! It’s finished!! I love the tease and am soooo looking forward to reading it!!

    Congrats on the box set! It looks great and I cannot wait have some time to read it! Although I am biased, I think yours would be the best!

    • Liz, thank you for celebrating “the end” of the drafting with me!!!! I’m so excited to be this close to finally getting to share this story with you all! And I could hug you for your “biased” opinion 🙂 . Thanks for being so supportive and sweet!! xox

  2. Marilyn,

    Great excerpt. Does she say “yes” to Trey’s “how about tonight?” (Sigh! Put hands on hips and stomp the floor!) It can’t be out soon enough. As for the boxed set -I’m pre-ordered. Yippee! Thanks for the great deal. We’re heading back to South America next week so will have more time and less distractions to read and write. Perfectly timed release.

    • Joy, I’m so glad you liked the excerpt!! Thank you! You know I can’t reveal Jane’s next move…but, let’s just say, it was fun to write Trey and add in such a great creator of conflict, LOL. Thanks so much for getting the boxed set (!!) and YAY on your trip to South America! I hope you’ll have a fabulous time and will keep us all updated online with your adventures 😀 .

  3. Yaaaay! Well done on finishing you book.

    Poor Jane. She was such a sweetie in the first book, I hope she has all her defences up!

  4. Aargh, don’t do it Jane! A guy named Willoughby can be nothing but bad news!

    Congrats on finishing the book, Marilyn. I’ve yet to read it’s predecessor (apart from the free sample on the Kindle store) but it IS on my very long TBR list!

    Thanks for the heads-up on the box set. Just put my pre-order in. For those of us in the UK, it costs out at 77p. Not bad for EIGHT full length novels, I’d say.

    • Anji, yay on getting the boxed set! Thank you!!! Yes, 77p in the UK and the equivalent to about $1 US in Canada, Australia, NZ and more. It’s been a treat for us as authors to get to host this sale as a special thank you to our awesome readers! And thanks for adding Perfect Match to your TBR list 🙂 .

  5. Wow just read all the excerpts! So I have just purchased the perfect match so that I am ready! I pre-ordered the boxset last week 🙂 keep up the good work!

    • Tamara,
      Thank you SO much on both counts — I hope you’ll love all the stories in the boxed set and I’ve got my fingers crossed that you’ll enjoy Perfect Match and Perfect Bet!! *hugs*

  6. That’s an amazing offer. I love your books and haven’t read all in the collection. Can’t wait for the new one. Jen Red

  7. I enjoyed the excerpt, Marilyn, and thanks for sharing the .99 deal! You and I are just about at the same stage – finished drafts needing a little polish before publishing later this summer. Feels good, doesn’t it?

    • Shannon, it feels fabulous! Congrats again to you on finishing yours — this is going to be an exciting summer!! And thanks –I’m so glad you enjoyed the excerpt 😉 .

  8. Oh Jane, you can’t trust someone named Trey Willoughby!! Come on, girl! I mean, not that I’ve been in a similar situation or anything…no, not at all…. *shifty eyes* (not with Trey Willoughby, though).

    YAY for completed books!!! TingleyBingley must be so relieved to get his HEA. Great job, lady, and I can’t wait to read it.

    • Monica, thank you!!
      And I’m telling ya, “TingleyBingley” owes YOU for a lot of my determination to get to the end of this book, since you gave him a nickname that makes me laugh whenever I think of it. My personal mantra this year has been, “I’ve got to finish writing TingleyBingley…” 🙂
      I hope Jane was listening to you about not trusting men named Willoughby. But I think she (like many of us, unfortunately) has to have at least one such ex in her past… Austen’s scoundrels are alive and well today, aren’t they?!

  9. OK. Just hit comment & my post went into oblivion
    Let’s try again. You finished! Yeah! Confetti, balloons, bunnly. & Godiva Chocolate! Enjoyed the excerpt, but it only wet my appetite for more. I don’t want to wait until July…(sniff), I think you folks love torturing us and we are crazy (insane) enough to keep coming back for more torture. :-). Trey has got to be bad news. What does he want from Jane? He’s got to be up to no good. I do appreciate your sharing the excerpt for us. It has truly wet my appetite for more.

    Thank you and your fellow authors for the generous offer on the boxed set. I preordered it from B & N last weekend. I am looking forward to reading it.

  10. I enjoyed “Perfect Match” so am looking forward to this follow-up. I went back and re-read the first excerpt as I didn’t remember all the details…memory is slipping, I guess. And I already ordered the $.99 set. I have to cool it as I now have a bunch on my kindle to read and others on my Wish List I really, really want to get my hands on. Tantalizing tease when I read the reviews and the samples! And now it seems that there are about a half dozen authors whose second or third in a series are coming out in the next 3 months. But “Count Your Blessings” I must remember!

    Congratulations on finishing and thanks for sharing all the goodies along with the excerpt.

    Having only been on these various “JAFF” sites and blogs for 6 months, I treasure all the shared WIPs, comments, reviews, etc. Icing on the cake would be if I could meet everyone. But happy for what I have.

    • Sheila,
      I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed Perfect Match and reread the earlier excerpt, too! And THANK YOU for the congrats on finishing Perfect Bet and for ordering the boxed set, too! I truly hope you’ll like the collection of stories it contains!
      And I know all about a towering TBR list… (I literally have *hundreds* of books waiting for me on my Kindle, and there are more upcoming novels I know I’m going to buy!)
      These blogs and online social media sites are really wonderful for connecting with Austen friends near and far. Glad we’ve gotten to know you this year!! 😉

  11. Marilyn, congrats on finally finishing the book. Your excerpt is delicious and this Trey character is certainly a mystery. Why did he break Jane’s heart and thus turn her into a woman who does not let anyone easily into her heart? I’m looking forward to read The Perfect Bet when it comes out so I can read both your books back-to-back.

    • Lúthien,
      Thank you so much!! I love that you called the excerpt “delicious” (it’s one of my favorite words!!) and that you’re looking forward to reading both of the “Perfect” series books 🙂 . I can’t wait to get to release this new one and finally get to share it with you all!
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xox

  12. Congratulations! Can’t wait for it to come out! Loved the excerpt and at first I read ‘Trey Wickham’ not ‘Trey Willoughby’! The mind does strange things sometimes!!! Heading over to pre-order the box set! Thanks!

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