A Visit to the 19th Century — 18 Comments

  1. Living in Australia places such as this are few and far between, so I just love seeing your travel photos. The house and it’s rooms look amazing and afternoon tea by the fire? Its one of favourite things to imagine when I read English novels. I absolutely love the garden photos especially the one with the willows.

  2. Abigail! Thank you so much for sharing your trip and such beautiful picture!

    I will admit that I am envious of your trip!

  3. I must admit to being jealous. I’ve never been in England besides a brief layover once in Heathrow when I was too much of a good girl to venture about. I’m an Anglophile as well as lover of all things old. I loved hearing about your adventure. I too don’t fit the bill of elegant and prestigious but I hope to enjoy my visit when I do and soak in all the atmosphere when I do. Thanks for sharing the photographs!

    • It’s a great chance to soak up the atmosphere. I was also in England on a short layover in 2011 – landed, took the train to Bath, spent two nights, took the train back to Heathrow and got on a plane. Very quick, but I managed to see a lot!

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to the UK, Abigail, especially the visit to God’s Own County as Yorkshire is sometimes know. Middlethorpe Hall sounds wonderful and your phots are lovely.

    We live only about 45 minutes drive away from there. I think we’ll have to pop in for afternoon tea next time we’re in the area! Appranetly they now do a chocolate and champagne themed one. What’s not to like about that!

  5. Thank you for reposting this. The gardens are beautiful. I do eventually want to revisit England and am noting places to go. When I was there with my grandparents 35 years ago we went yo London….but there is do much more. Thank you for sharing.

    • I could spend months just seeing gardens in England. I hope you’ll be able to get back to England. While London has great cultural attractions, I find it’s the countryside and historical sites there that touch me most.

  6. Well, if you ever do get back to this neck of the woods, maybe we could meet and try it together!

    I didn’t realise, until I was looking at the National Trust website, that Middlethorpe Hall was formerly owned by the Terry family and was very near to the Terry chocolate factory. Hence the chocolate conection.

  7. I love natue and history and so when I finally get back I plan on visiting the Dales and many of the historical sites….I also want to see some of the sites used in filming both the 1995 BBC version of P&P as well as the 2005 version. It would be interesting. When we travel in the US (I live in NY) we usually plan our vacations to museums in other areas of the country or go to National Parks and do a combination of both…..I’ve also researched my husband’s family tree….mine is sketchy (peasants)…but found my husband is a descendent of the Brocketts (brockett Hall in Hertfordshire) and the (no joke) D’Arcys that came over with William the Conquerer, so have many things to consider….I also love exploring old ruins(did that in Germany with family), but walks in gardens and woods are wonderful and relaxing

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