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  1. Bingley’s active imagination was running amok in this chapter. Thinking Jane was a dominatrix is quite humorous. Dear sweet Jane. Really, what was he thinking? Living in an old goal is unusual, but old buildings are bought daily to revamp into homes. Some of these buildings are extremely classic designs. Amazingly, Bingley forgot his fears and thoughts of running away once Jane got him settled in the bedroom. Men have an one track mind when thoughts of getting sex causes rational thoughts speed quickly from their minds. The blood is needed elsewhere in their body so the brain stops working. Fun read! 📖 📑

    • Well, they do say that you have to watch out for the quiet ones 😉 Bingley’s imagination did run amok. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it! Thanks, Carol!

  2. That post was so funny. What a way to light up my morning….the barbed wire toilet seat; thank you for the pictures. What a nervous Nelli Bingley was being. Loved it! 🙂

    • The barbed wire toilet seat was certainly something I’d never seen before, and there really was Thomas Crapper ads and articles for artwork on the wall. The owner of the house really had a good time thematically decorating the place! Thanks, Deborah!

    • Thanks, Monica! I don’t know how I kept from giggling during dinner. I just sat there imagining the panic at all of the barbed wire and gaolhouse decor. Too fun!

  3. OMG I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face! That was just brilliant! Then to call Darcy and see the barbed wire! Bingley in whatever century tries so hard to reason for himself…Thank you for the great start to my day!

  4. Yay! Tears from laughing is great! I must admit the covert phone call to Darcy came to me as a last minute addition. Darcy cracking up laughing at Bingley’s distress was hysterical to me. I’m glad I could give you a giggle this morning! Thanks Carole!

  5. An OH, MY Gosh! moment. So unusual a description of a date between Jane and Charlie. Those photos, especially the barbed wire seat certainly put some thoughts into one’s mind. I don’t know how I would react if I visited a “water closet” and found that. Great job giving us a hysterical moment in time. Thank you.

    • The house was a vacation rental before it was a long-term let and the landlord really had a great time with the themed decor. I just looked around me at dinner with this image of Bingley freaking out that Jane was not what he thought and keeping the giggle inside. I finally made a comment after about two glasses of wine that I had a funny idea I’d love to write using the house as inspiration. The wine might have helped it along as well 😉 I’m just glad everyone has seemed to enjoy my unorthodox look at Jane and Charles. Thanks, Sheila!

  6. Oh Leslie that was so funny. Thank you for brightening my day. Poor Bingley – how could he mistake Jane for a dominatrix! I think he should be chained to the wall as a punishment (although it would have to be fur lined cuffs to protect his sensitive skin.) thanks again 😊

    • I don’t know what made me put the part about the sensitive skin in. I joked about it, and my husband looked at me like I was insane until I read a most of it to him. He actually laughed out loud during a good bit of it, which made my day. He doesn’t really laugh easily at comedy. Bingley’s such a wimp in this, but I couldn’t resist! Thanks, Glynis!

  7. I enjoyed that little romp and tease at Bingley’s expense! The photos enhanced the story as I couldn’t imagine those items nearly as well. I’m glad you saw this location and it inspired you!

    • It was so much fun seeing that house! I hope the owner is able to buy out the rest of the building and restore it like she did this flat. It was really interesting! Thanks, Suzan!

  8. Thank you so much for the laughter. The pictures helped make the story. Poor Bingley to call Darcy and be laughed at. I clearly enjoyed this story. Would you consider making this a longer and modern Pride and Prejudice? Then Bingley can laugh when Darcy calls him. I could see Lizzy’s being a little bit more aggressive or adventuress with Darcy than Jane and Bingley.

    • Elizabeth would have a lot of fun with it. She’d probably tie Darcy up just to freak him out further. I don’t know about expanding it but we’ll see! Thanks, Patty!

  9. I loved it for all of the positive reasons above. Thanks for the fun! I, too, would like to see the same general situation featuring Lizzy and Darcy. I wonder if HE would laugh so freely – or when? What an incredible scene and what an enticing build-up. I wasn’t really sure about Jane until t was all over!

  10. Oh my gosh that was so great! I think I would love to live in a place like that! Maybe not the bathroom decor… lol I love how Charlie’s imagination ran away with him. Darcy and Lizzy are never going to let him live it down. (I’m thinking Lizzy’s not actually in London for work, she’s really hanging out with Darcy ;)) lol Thanks, Leslie!

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