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  1. Love these 50 Shades Scenes! Wow does William ever have huge hole to dig himself out of!! Fantastic costume ideas – gives a great visual picture of the scene. Love Lady Catherine as Leia!

    One small clarification thing – in The Perverseness of Mischance you have a line about Richard’s daughter that reads “His daughter becomes so confused by the myriad of girlfriends he dated prior to Charlotte”. But in this one you’ve established that Charlotte and Richard are married when William meets Lizzy. Maybe simply switching ‘becomes’ to ‘became’ and it should still fit.

    Can’t wait to read this as a completed book but in the meantime love these scenes!

    • I might have accidentally put the wrong name on that line. I’ll have to go back and look when I get a chance. Thanks for the catch! That’s the only issue with writing these with a month or so in between 🙂 Thanks, Megan!

  2. I really can’t wait for the whole series in book form Leslie. Although how they manage to get together after this scene is anybody’s guess.(although I would hazard a guess that you might be the best person to ask???)Seriously though thanks for this – I can just picture his mortification. It’s been a great birthday gift so hoping for more for Christmas.

    • Well, in the beach scene, I had Richard say how he never thought Darcy would dig himself out of the hole he’d made when he met her. I just thought it would be fun to see how big I could get that hole. Why he was in the ladies and, to a certain extent, drunk can be explained. I think the main issue is groveling over the comment he made, but to be honest, I’m writing these as I go. I really don’t have a timeline. That’s going to be the issue when I go back to put them together. I don’t usually have to piece scenes that way. With Rain and Retribution, I had the big climax scene at Pemberley written in advance, but that’s about as much as I do this kind of writing. This is completely an experiment.

      Now that I’ve been completely long-winded. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and Happy Birthday! I’ll see what I can piece together for Christmas! 😉

  3. Please add my name to the list asking for more in book form. Pretty please? Love the images of Darcy as Clark Kent/Suoerman and Elizabeth as Elektra, though not necessarily the images at the end! Poor William, he should have known better about the booze on an empty stomach. How on earth are you going to write him out of this corner?

    • I did dig that hole pretty deep, didn’t I? I’m not sure yet, but I’m thinking the Christmas post might be a good way to get him out of that pit. So glad you liked the images. I love Henry Cavill and for Elizabeth, I wanted something sexy but not seductress type sexy. I love Elektra. She’s gorgeous and she kicks butt! Thanks, Anji!

  4. A refreshing way to read a new beginning for William and Lizzy … nice job! I hope you don’t mind that I point something out as I hope it isn’t too late to correct two spelling errors;;(1) Lizzy would “waive” the fee, not “wave” which might refer to a flag. (2) I think you meant to say that William “scampered” around Caroline, not “scarpered”. If I am mistaken about this, I apologize. Anyway, I look forward to reading the whole tale!

    • Oh wow! I know better on the wave error, but scarpered is not an error. I’ve placed this one in England and scarpered is British slang. It’s basically that he ran off. Thanks for the note on wave. Thanks, Katherine!

  5. Loved it,Leslie. Thank you so much.

    I cannot wait to read how Darcy digs himself out of this fiasco. Or does he even remember it? Great first bad impression.

    I really hope these scenes make it into a book. They are so great!

  6. That is so so cool!!! I love it. Especially William getting drunk and locked in with Lizzy. So funny, now it needs to be fleshed out into a book Leslie, I know you can do it. You are talented enough to do it. Aunt Catherine as PRinces Leia – pure inspiration!

    • Oh! You have no idea how much I wondered about how to dress up Aunt Catherine! She was not easy at all! Then I came up with William’s thought process about the gold bikini. LOL! Thanks for the ego boost! I need to get the one I’m writing put to bed before I try to string this one together. In the meantime, I’ll keep playing with these one-shots. 🙂
      Thanks, Hollis!

  7. While I really enjoy these 50 Shades stories, in this case, I’m on William’s side. If Lizzy did not like William’s “ogling”, then she should not have worn a sexy/skimpy outfit to begin with. Men are men and if it is “out there” they are going to look and, hopefully, admire. The costume did exactly what it was designed for – catch attention. Now, William did not have to say what he did, but after Lizzy’s glare for just admiring her form in her chosen costume, how else can he save face?

    • Well, he had a lot going on in that head–some induced by the Elektra look and some induced by alcohol. His remarks weren’t exactly nice either. Personally, I wouldn’t have wanted to get stuck in the toilets with a strange vomiting man, even if he was hot! His ogling just kind of is the icing on the bad opinion that he managed to put in the toilet, so to speak 😉

  8. LOL!!! Poor William!! *shakes head* Elektra really got to him, didn’t she? But Aunt Catherine as Princess Leia is enough to drive any nephew to drink!

    Thank you!! 😀

    Wishing you a wonderful All Hallows Eve,
    Susanne 🙂

    • Elektra did have quite the effect on him! I like Jennifer Garner as Elektra. She’s gorgeous but she kicked butt. I had way too much fun with the different costumes, I must admit! I think my favourite is Anne as Spock, though. Thanks, Susanne!

  9. Love this. William is in the toilet now! Lizzy has that effect on him. He becomes a blithering idiot. Of course, the scotch has got something to do about the idiotic trip to the ladies room.

    • He was so frantic to avoid Caroline, he didn’t look. The scotch was responsible for the rest, though. Now to convince Elizabeth that he’s not some lecherous alcoholic. Oh! And let’s not forget about making up for the remark about having to make conversation with her! Thanks, Carol!

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