Chapter 3: Particular Attachments — 13 Comments

  1. In some ways Lydia will never change, although if she at least behaves in public that is a vast improvement and worthy of praise.
    I look forward to more of this, luckily I will get my copy soon and can then read it all.
    Thanks for the taster Leslie. 😊

  2. I think Lydia is going to be good for Georgiana! She needs that extra push to come out of her shell and I agree that “I believe I could bear with insufferable to gaze into those eyes.”

    I pre-ordered it too! Thank you!

  3. I am enjoying this story more and more and more!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us here, Leslie!! I can’t wait to hear Georgiana’s “confession” to Lydia, for we all know that Lydia will not allow the possibility of such a entrancing story to slip through her fingers.

    Susanne 🙂

    • There’s a full 30 chapters to the book, and we’re just getting 5 in the preview. The paperback is 257 pages total (By the time you take out title pages and such, the story is about 250). Definitely much more 🙂 Thanks, Patty!

  4. Lydia will always be Lydia in essence, but good for the change you’ve given her. Both girls need some shared rubbing off from one another. Cannot wait for the book.

  5. Oh, and now I read that Jane is married to someone else. I do suppose that is what I get for not reading the other book as of yet. Thanks for sharing.

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