2017 Austen Variations Summer Book Sale — 18 Comments

  1. Some fantastic deals here, thank you for such a great event. I think I have pretty much all of them already, this is the problem with being an enthusiastic book buyer 🙂

  2. Has them all, but bought 2 KINDKE copies that I only had on my NOOK. Thank you all for writing these wonderful stories.

  3. I had most of those but I did add five to the collection. I have Scarlet Pimpernel in paperback, but I picked up the Kindle version, along with the Plains Of Chalmette, which I thought I had, but didn’t. Thank you Austen Authors for this fabulous sale. I bought five books in all and am looking at a sixth. At these great prices, why not?!

  4. Thank you all for these great summer reads! I have most of them but a few I didn’t so will now add them to my Kindle!! WhooHoo!

  5. Thanks for this generous offer! I already own several of these titles, but the one that really interests me, Steampunk Darcy, is showing up for $3.54 on my I thought it might be because I am abroad, in Switzerland, but the other .99 cent offers all show up as $1.11 which is still an amazing deal! Any ideas why this might be?

    • Hi, I’m having the same issue with Rumours & Recklessness. Rain & Retribution worked just fine, but R & R shows up at $ 4,58. (I’m in the Netherlands). I’m very happy with the offers, it enables me to have both the paperbacks and ebooks. Great for when I’m traveling. Thanks a million!

      • Hi Jonet! I am pulling it up at .99¢ on I’m not sure why you’re not getting that price. If you’ve purchased the paperback of Rain and Retribution, the e-book is in matchbook and free 🙂

    • As authors, we can set the price of our books at .99¢ but Amazon sometimes sticks money onto the price. They’ve done it with both of mine. I’ve tried to figure out why, but I’ve never been able to find an answer. Sorry about that!

  6. Only four there that I don’t have in one format or another, so guess where I’m off to now!

    Thanks so much for your generosity!

  7. Thank you for this awesome sale! I bought four books, three by Austen authors new to me. Looking forward to a Jane Austen-inspired summer readfest!

  8. Thanks! I brought a few of the books and actually was reminded of some titles that I own so that I can re-read them. Have a great holiday weekend!

  9. I had read several of these via Kindle Unlimited, so I was thrilled to be able to add them to my library, especially the brilliant Steampunk Darcy, one of my all-time favorites!!

    Thank you!!

    Susanne 🙂

  10. I did see these sales when they were listed on Goodreads. I have most of them even if some are unread. Thank you for again bringing them to our attention.

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