WIP – When Pride Prevails – Chapter 4 — 24 Comments

  1. Dang, I can’t figure out anything. What has happened? Jane is married? Charlotte married Collins… I can understand how that happened, but why is Darcy hiding? Was he in the military? Did he fight a duel? Why was he wounded? Who did he fight… was it Wickham… did he kill the bastard? What???

  2. Oh no!!! Why oh why did Darcy have to insult Elizabeth? That was the surest way to draw attention to himself even if it was from people deploring his rudeness.
    I was really hoping he would dance with her for a change and then he may have discovered that she is the very person who could help him. Oh well, I can but dream obviously.

    • Sorry I couldn’t oblige, Glynis. I did have him do that originally, then took it out because it didn’t really make sense to me. Darcy is Darcy. Doesn’t change that fast, no matter what.

  3. Oh no, please don’t let Bingley fall for Elizabeth! That is just wrong! And Darcy, why did you have to insult the lady? No good! Now he will definitely call more attention to himself! Hoping for a conversation between Darcy and Elizabeth next chapter! 😉

  4. Is there by chance a typo? “I wash my hands off you, Lizzy. Don’t say…” Perhaps you intended “of”? Otherwise, I am eager to read the next chapter.

  5. Interesting!
    A no….Bingley with Elizabeth is not a go fit!
    All though s jealous Darcy is always fun!!
    Looking forward to more!

  6. Darcy, Darcy, Darcy…you are torn between wanting to be recognized and not. By insulting Elizabeth, you have brought the attention of everyone for your rudeness and they will only tolerate you because of Bingley. You will definitely have your work cut out for you now…but why are you wishing to stay hidden? And why is Mr. Bennet so selfish? More questions than answers…

  7. It’s quite comical: Darcy jealous of Bingley for the same reason that he hates being in society!
    I do like how protective Mrs Bennet is over Elizabeth, it almost makes her agreeable. Actually considering everything else… Maybe not 😂.

  8. Of course, Darcy had to insult Elizabeth! Unfortunately for him, it may bring him more attention than he wanted as the story circulates, his standoffish manner making him even more unlikeable.

    I think it’s interesting how Darcy feels as just “Mr. John Darcy,” or, as Mrs. Bennet called him, “Mr. BIngley’s impoverished friend.” I can see how Darcy might feel both exposed yet free–unable to hide yet unbeholden to anyone. An interesting and contradictory dilemma for him!

    Thank you for sharing these chapters with us, Monica! This is a fascinating study of both Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s characters after all that they’ve experienced.

    Susanne 🙂

  9. Another super chapter! Perhaps Darcy will change without Elizabeth’s rage of the canon first proposal. Poor man is suffering from more than an injury and some mysterious reason to remain incognito.

  10. Darcy is definitively at odds with himself right now. Something he always wanted and got, and now he cannot stand it.

    This could work for him in that he has to work harder sooner to grow into the proper gentleman we love.

    Charlotte was explained. Now what about Jane? She was mentioned, but not who she married.

  11. Now, I didn’t see that one coming – Bingley taking a shine to Elizabeth! Who did Jane marry, I wonder?

    And even though he’s “Mr. Bingley’s impoverished friend” Darcy still manages to plant both of his feet firmly in his mouth. Ah well!

    Another fascinating chapter, thank you.

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