Queens of Georgian Britain — 10 Comments

  1. According to Amazon.USA the book isn’t available until Feb 8, 2018. It is available for pre order in hardback but not Kindle format. According to Amazon GB the book is not in stock and there appears to be no way to order it for Kindle from the U.S. (or from England for that matter). I am very much interested in ordering this book for Kindle but don’t know how I can go about doing this. Do I wait until Feb 8 for the USA Kindle version? If you can clarify the ordering procedure for me I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  2. Ignore the previous message please. I figured out how to order it in Kindle format from Amazon USA. Thanks for the heads up!


  3. Congratulations! I still have your Kings of Georgian Britain in my sights and will now add this one too! I visited the castle in Celle back in the mid 80’s. I loved it! I went over to Germany with my mother-in-law and my daughter who was 4 at the time, to meet her great-grandmother. It was a fascinating trip.

  4. In college I did an independent study course of the first four Georges. I recently read “Princesses:the Six Daughters of George III” by Flora Fraser. I am currently working on “Queen Anne: the Politics of Passion” by Anne Somerset. My DH is a history professor. He does a great job of finding me great history to read when I am not swamped with preschool work. I trained as a history teacher, but once my kids went to preschool, I never left it. (I’m pretty darn good at my job.) In my book, I am in the last decade of Anne’s reign. Anne never wants Sophia of Hanover to come to Britain. She is putting off her heirs as much as possible! I’ll have to put your book on my birthday list. Congratulations!

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