Words from Experience to Youth, the Long-awaited Part Five — 9 Comments

  1. Hilarious, ladies! You had me laughing out loud continually. Thank you for sharing these most recent finds. Too bad, there is a lawsuit pending! 🙂

    How fun it would have been to see John’s face when he opened that parcel!

  2. I was so hoping letters from Mrs. Wickham would be found amongst Mr. Wickham’s treasure trove! This is absolutely priceless and very ‘revealing’ on all counts! I can well imagine Mr. John Thornton rushing home with the package. Are the illustrations still intact? Ah yes, the feel of silk against one’s skin…

  3. What a delightful and informative bunch of letters!!

    Can just imagine the eagerness with which John enclosed the ten pound note and his wish for more of this type of apparel for his lady wife!!

    Am laughing at Lydia’s unique scent,and can understand why both ot and the wearer are spoken of where ere they go!

    Lydia thinking her darling hubby as innocent as she was just too far beyond the pale!☺️

    Great post ladies! Cheers for such!

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