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  1. Well I think he might. But I hope he loves her nearly as much as Darcy loves Elizabeth (he couldn’t possibly love her AS much!) poor Georgiana deserves someone who does really love her for herself and not her money. I hope ODC are helping by showing her what a true love marriage should be? Thanks for sharing this Leslie and I look forward to reading the rest 😍

    • He’ll have to love her a lot considering the time period and her past. ODC is obviously still very much showing her what a real relationship is like. We’ll get glimpses of them as the book progresses 🙂 Thanks, Glynis!

  2. Well, George Wickham was a charmer and we all know what happened there. I assume the vetting of Nathaniel later in life will be good for Georgiana but I’m not inclined to trust him. My bad, perhaps, but I remember certain boys in my own past who tried to come back into my life to “woo” me after teasing or tormenting me. It did not lead to good karma for them or good relationships as time wore on. I hate to sound like a relationship grinch, because I really am eternally optimistic about these things. If anyone can pull a great tale out of this, it will be you. I look forward to reading your entire story!

    • Well, he did have a rather sweet reason for being a pest. 🙂 I know it sounds strange, but he did. We’ll get to all of that later. Thanks so much, Katherine!

    • Yeah, I kept trying to figure out where to start, and the flashback came to me. I just loved it. It’s a bit sad, but it gives a nice long history between the two families. I also just love the interaction between her and Nathaniel. Thanks, Hollis!

  3. Oh yes! It is not often you have Georgiana with her mother! I love that she enjoys the time with and who can blame her for wanting her mother to herself. I can only imagine the man Nathaniel turns into! Can’t wait for this!

    • I liked having a different perspective on their mother. You’re right. It is always Darcy’s memories. I wanted Georgiana to have her own. Thanks, Carole!

  4. I think they both, however young, protest too much. As long as Nathaniel isn’t another George Wickham, they may meet as friends and this may develop to more than friendship. Like having Lady Anne be with Georgiana for a change. Looking forward to the sequel.

    • No, Nathaniel isn’t Wickham by any means. He has his own money and a title of his own. He’s a good guy. Thanks, Carol!

  5. A very enjoyable excerpt. Typical little girl’s feelings towards a tormentor. How adorable and sad art he same time. Whether he still wants her will depend on what kind of man he grows into. Hopefully similar to his parents, so I will say yes, with such good examples.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I guess you could call him a tormentor. He was not so much a bully as one might think, though. Thanks, Deborah!

  6. Sneaky author! You let nothing sneak by that tells any of the suspense you intend to put in this. At least, I think you do! This was a wonderful scene. I really admired it, and I especially love young Georgiana trying to be Lady Catherine with young Lindsey, yet she obviously wasn’t scary enough for him! Thanks for the peek!

    • I had two ways of putting in suspense, and I wavered a bit but I think I’m sticking with my first one. I’ll save the other bit for another time 😉 I’m so glad you liked the scene. I knew where I wanted Georgiana to be when the book started, but not a lot of clue as to how to get it going. Honestly, I think Georgiana’s biggest obstacle will be herself. Thanks, Suzan!

  7. I’m happy to see this sequel – Georgiana definitely needs a HEA. Whether young Lord Lindsey is the right one remains to be seen. I’ve run into some of the boys who used to irritate me when I was younger – and despite being in their late 30s now, some of them are still boys! Lol Definitely didn’t miss anything there.

    I loved when she tried to use her Lady Catherine voice to put him off. Too cute!

    • I couldn’t resist the Lady Catherine voice! I could just see a young girl attempting it when she was frustrated. I’m glad someone else thinks she needs a HEA as well! Now, to finish it! Thanks, Monica!

  8. Leslie, this is terrific! I can’t wait to read the rest.

    PS based on the excellent quality of this unbeta’d preview, I wonder why you need betas.

    • Oh no! Trust me, I definitely need them! They catch all my little brain misfires and make me look much better than I really am. 🙂 Thanks, RMorrel!

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