12 Days of a Jane Austen Christmas Preview! — 33 Comments

    • I get to be surprised as well since I don’t know exactly what everyone else is preparing. I’m excited along with everyone else! Can’t wait to see you there, Barbara!

    • I don’t know all of the giveaways, but I’m sure there will be something for everyone! I hope you enjoy it, Carol!

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun is being planned. Looking forward to it immensely. Thanks so much to all of you lovely AV authors for being so generous.

    • I’m so glad! I know I was feeling Christmassey in late September when I made the banners. I’ve been in the mood for the holiday for a while now! Thanks, Michelle!

  2. I have a few Jane Austen fiction and nonfiction books that I love to reread at this time of year and will be looking for new ones to read. I have one by Maria Grace that I believe is a nonfiction about Christmastide in Jane Austen’s time that I’m finally going to get to read this year! I look forward to all of the posts! One question: will the December 16th post include a nod to Jane Austen’s birthday? I’m a member of JASNA and will be traveling when my region has its “do”, much to my regret. I usually serve tea to other Janeites to celebrate her actual birthday.

    • Oooh! That’s a good question for the person who signed up for that day! Everyone has signed up for days, but I don’t know all of the topics. It will be just as much a surprise for me as it is for you. I will mention it to them! Thanks, Karen!

    • Ooh! We’ll have something for you to read with your coffee or tea every morning. Sounds like a perfect holiday to me!

  3. I am seriously diverted! Looking forward to what you wonderful authors have planned. I already have marked Jane’s birthday in my calendar as I do every year since I became ‘addicted’. Thank you all and let the celebration begin!

  4. Oh, Jennifer Redlarczyk, you hit it perfectly…I need more time to read JAFF too. I’ve been suffering from reading withdrawals of late! This sounds like wonderful holiday fun.

    • I have just come to the realisation that I can’t keep up with all of the JAFF lately. Just too much on my plate and too little time. I do understand the wish for more time! Thanks, Janet!

  5. I would have to invent several clones of myself to keep up with all the books of which I read good and/or excellent reviews. I have a JA calendar (thanks to author, JDKing) so all the important books releases and birthdays, etc. are marked. I do so love those reminders.

    I look forward to these blogs and hearing from the JA community/my dear friends.

    • I can’t keep up with the books I read and I’m terrible at titles. I can tell you all about a story, but not remember the name of the book. It’s crazy! Thanks, Sheila!

      • Sheila, I’m totally with you on the cloning issue. I have a Kindle in for a screen repair right now, due to dropping it and then treading on it. The case I bought didn’t protect it on this occasion. But I keep on buying stuff! Add this to a kitchen refit that’s going a bit pear shaped, means reading time has been rather upset recently. Ah well, maybe one day things will work out OK.

  6. How exciting! What fun!!!

    I want to see LOTS OF MISTLETOE IN THE VICINITY OF DARCY AND ELIZABETH!! She cannot avoid kissing him under those circumstances, now can she?

  7. Thanks Leslie. Only just seen this – luckily it hasn’t started yet! Looking forward to seeing the different posts. I’m with Sheila and Rae. First a clone to go to work and do all my housework leaving me to sit and read. Then plenty of romance between Darcy and Elizabeth. My Christmas wish would be to banish Wickham, Caroline Bingley and Lady Catherine to some remote island without a boat! 🙂

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