12 Days of a Jane Austen Christmas: Lady Catherine’s Christmas — 11 Comments

  1. Lady Catherine never gives up on pushing Darcy. Unique way to write your story to present as a play. Collins and Lady Catherine’s dialogue is funny. Collins is so dense that he doesn’t realize he’s playing right into her hands by giving information he should not be repeating. With 2 actors fitting the parts of Collins and Lady Catherine, this would worth the admission.

  2. Well, it goes without saying that _ I _ love this to bits! It’s hard to choose between your Lady Catherines and your Mrs Eltons – both are exquisite. Your writings are such a gift. Thank you again for granting permission for us to perform this.
    In the picture you’d hardly gotten off the plane before we handed you a script for Lady Susan. What a trooper you are!

  3. Oh dear, “You are an uncommonly intelligent young man, Mr. Collins, with more than ordinary perception…” I laughed out loud on that line! This would be hilarious to see in person! Thank you!

  4. Oh, I would love to see this little play and could imagine the character’s expressions as I read the dialogue. Great fun! jen Red

  5. I can just imagine such a scene – well played out. We all know these two actors and their pretensions. Smiling. Happy New Year.

    Busy season and just getting to some posts online. Thank you for this snippet.

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